Solution to the problem of too long startup time caused by slow startup of workstation in XP


Generally, VMware Workstation installation causes the system to start too slowly. After analysis, it is found that the startup time of Workstation service is long and the effect is obvious after disabling. However, workstation is a shared basic service of windows, and I can’t do without this service, so I just need the following script to solve the problem! (please fill in the virtual machine path according to the actual situation, and the end path is required)

Copy the following text to Notepad and save as virtual machine. Bat

Copy codeThe code is as follows:
@echo off
Title VMware Workstation intelligent startup script v1.0
color a
@echo ======================================
@Echo VMware Workstation intelligent startup script v1.0
@echo Create by Adobo
@echo QQ:100004117
@echo ======================================
@Echo start task, please wait
echo off
Echo starting VM related services
net start “VMware Authorization Service”
net start “VMware DHCP Service”
net start “VMware NAT Service”
net start “VMware Virtual Mount Manager Extended”
Echo opening vmware workstation software
start /w E:\SOFT-Z~1\VMware\VMware~1\vmware.exe
Echo VMware Workstation exited, stopping related services to free resources
net stop “VMware Authorization Service”
net stop “VMware DHCP Service”
net stop “VMware NAT Service”
net stop “VMware Virtual Mount Manager Extended”
All echo related services stop, and any key exits