Solution to the problem of cyclic installation in win10 v1809 / 1903 cumulative update


Microsoft will release this month’s routine cumulative update next week, but so far it has not completely resolved the issue of last month’s routine update.

For example, the routine cumulative updates of windows 10 version 1809 and 1903 have caused many users to install and download them automatically.

Loop installation itself is a common problem in Microsoft’s cumulative updates, but it’s a little unusual that it hasn’t been resolved after such a long time.

If you can’t, just pause the update

Among them, the cumulative update kb4494441 of v1809 has the problem of circular installation, and the company has started to repair it at the end of last month.

The blue dot net still can’t be installed normally.

The cumulative update kb4497935 of v1903 also has a cyclic installation. However, Microsoft has not confirmed the deployment failure of this update.

So for users, if they really feel troublesome, they can directly suspend the update, and the new cumulative update released next week can directly replace this update.


At present, Microsoft has launched a new windows 10 status page, which will record various problems of various versions that Microsoft has confirmed.

If there is a problem, please check if there is a problem.

Of course, there are many problems that Microsoft has not confirmed, so it will not be reflected on the page. In this case, we can only feed back to Microsoft and wait for Microsoft to verify.

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