Solution to the failure of springboot Shiro permission annotation


Recently, I encountered a problem when learning spring boot combined with Shiro for permission management.

The questions are as follows:

I added permissions to the user in the dogetauthorizationinfo method in userrealm, and then wrote the following code in the controller. The method whose URL is / listarticle must have article: over permission to pass. The permission I added to the user in the dogetauthorizationinfo method does not have article: over, but when the current end sends a request to the URL, the @ requirespermissions annotation does not work, and the listarticle method is executed. Moreover, I print ispermitted (“article: over”) inside the method, and the output result is false. Finally, I checked my blog online and found that Shiro’s annotation support was not enabled.

@RequestMapping(value = "/listArticle", method = RequestMethod.POST)
public JSONObject listArticle(@RequestBody JSONObject request){
    System.out.println("---------isPermitted article:over--------" + SecurityUtils.getSubject().isPermitted("article:over"));
    int ArticleNum = articleService.getArticleNum();
    List<JSONObject> list = articleService.listArticle(request.getIntValue("offset"), request.getIntValue("pageRow"));
    return Result.success(request, list, ArticleNum);

The solution is as follows:

Add the following code to shiroconfig.

//Enable support for Shiro annotations
public AuthorizationAttributeSourceAdvisor authorizationAttributeSourceAdvisor(SecurityManager securityManager) {
    AuthorizationAttributeSourceAdvisor advisor = new AuthorizationAttributeSourceAdvisor();
    return advisor;
//Enable AOP annotation support
public DefaultAdvisorAutoProxyCreator defaultAdvisorAutoProxyCreator() {
    DefaultAdvisorAutoProxyCreator defaultAAP = new DefaultAdvisorAutoProxyCreator();
    return defaultAAP;

After adding this code, when I send a request to the URL, the following exception will be reported, indicating that the user does not have the permission:
org.apache.shiro.authz.AuthorizationException: Not authorized to invoke method

Reference blog:

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