Solution to the compatibility problem of VMware Workstation virtual machine


VMware Workstation virtual machine compatibility issues,How to solve it?

I have basically installed VMware Workstation 10 on my laptop, ready to build a virtual machine environment. The same virtual machine created with VMware Workstation 10 is copied from other places. There is no problem. You can open and use it directly.

However, when using the other two virtual machines copied, they encountered several problems. After processing, the two virtual machines can also be used normally, so the process of handling the problem is recorded.

Question 1:The problem of “taking ownership” when opening virtual machine

I open it in a virtual machine   enmoedu2.vmx   The following prompt appears:


This is because when the virtual machine is running, some *. Lck folders and files will be generated to record the running information of the virtual machine and virtual disk; It is similar to TMP temporary file on windows or PID file deleted by Linux system.

Under normal circumstances, such files will appear only when the virtual machine is opened and running normally. After the virtual machine is closed, these files will not exist.

However, if the virtual machine in use is forced to shut down for some reason or the computer is slow to respond, a process of the virtual machine will be enabled in the background all the time, which will lead to the problem of VMware Workstation virtual machine: the virtual machine seems to be in use and cannot be started. Let’s choose the option of “get ownership” or “Cancel”.

When I open the directory where the virtual machine files are located, I can see that there is indeed a *. Lck folder in the compressed file. Delete this folder, release the background process that has not been released before, and then open the virtual machine again to return to normal.

If it doesn’t work, restart the computer and it will return to normal.

Question 2:Compatibility issues

After solving the above problem, the virtual machine can be loaded into the software normally, but when you click the power on button, another problem appears

The configuration file. VMX was created by a VMware product, which is not compatible with this version of VMware Workstation and therefore cannot be used.

According to this prompt, it is initially suspected that the version of the virtual machine when it was created is not compatible with the workstation version I installed. Because the software generally has the feature of downward compatibility, the version of the virtual machine may be higher than my workstation version.

The workstation version I installed is VMware Workstation 10; How to query VMware virtual machine files through VMX filesVersion 11: 

adopt   VMX file,   enmoedu   Both virtual machine files are used   workstation   11. If you want to use vmware workstation to open the virtual machine, it is the low version of workstation 10 software that opens the high version 11 virtual machine.

In general, in the series of VMware products, the hardware version number of higher version virtual machine can not run on the virtualization platform of lower version, and the virtual machine of workstation 11 version can not run on the virtual machine software under this version. If you really want to run it, there are tworesolvent:

Situation 1:If you still have VMware Workstation   The environment of VMware Workstation 10.0 can be directly changed to the hardware version number compatible with VMware Workstation 10.0 through the menu manage > change hardware compatibility.

Case 2:If the existing environment does not have VMware Workstation 11.0, you can quickly complete the compatible conversion of hardware number through the following steps

1. Find and open the. VMX file of virtual machine through Notepad program;

2. Find the virtualhw.version = 11 field in the file and modify it to virtualhw.version = 10;

3. Save the. VMX file and start the virtual machine. The virtual machine of VMware Workstation 11.0 can run in the environment of VMware Workstation 11.0.

Note:The operation of modifying VMX file only passed the operation process and environment test of this post, but did not pass a lot of confirmatory tests. If you encounter problems in the operation process, please reply and explain the problems and report errors. It is recommended that you adopt the first method (to convert compatible hardware version through compatible version);

Because I only installed the VMware Workstation 10 version of the virtual machine software, so I used the second method, the. VMX file of the virtual machine   The virtualhw.version field is changed from 11 to “10”; Then save and turn on the power button again to start the virtual machine normally.

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