Solution to blue screen crash of ThinkPad caused by win update in October and August


Win10 August update accident! The system continues to crash on the blue screen, and Lenovo PC is the worst. The official provides a solution that seems to solve the problem for users, but non Lenovo users also encountered problems after the patch in August.

        Lenovo pointed out in a statement, this problem is related to the BIOS setting “enhanced windows biometric security” (Security – > virtualization menu of BIOS setting).According to Lenovo, windows has not implemented the software for this BIOS setting, so it has no effect and can be safely disabled.

Lenovo Canada also released a supporting document claiming that kb4566782 (updated in August 2020) of windows 10 may cause ThinkPad owners to encounter the following problems:

• BSOD occurs when starting the device.

• BSOD when launching Lenovo vantage application.

• BSOD when running Windows Defender scan.

• windows Hello, problems with Intel management engine and it camera.


After installing windows 10 kb4566782, Lenovo users will encounter a blue screen with the error: system_ THREAD_ EXCEPTION_ NOT_ HANDLED – ldiagio.sys。

This error usually occurs when vantage applications try to interact with firmware using Intel management engine, but this BIOS setting and August update of windows 10 prevent the process.

To fix the “system_thread_exception_not_held – ldiagio. Sys” error, follow these steps:

• boot into BIOS Setup.

• navigate to security.

• click virtualization.

• turn off enhanced windows biometric security in the security – > virtualization menu.

• boot to the desktop.

        The above solutions can only solve the problems of ThinkPad products.

Non Lenovo products were also affected

Non ThinkPad laptop users will still encounter the “death blue screen”. Unfortunately, when the death blue screen appears, there is nothing users can do. Some users also experienced complete system crash and performance degradation during startup.

For some users, turning off virtualization can solve the “blue screen” error, while others say that uninstalling August updates is the best way.

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