Solution of vs2015 IIS express unable to start


Because I installed all kinds of messy software, then I accidentally unloaded IIS express and downloaded an IIS express 7 from the Internet. After the installation, I could not start debugging using vs 2015 locally, and F5 could not start IIS,

After F5 debugging again, IIS express did not start.

The logging error is as follows:

Tried to restart vs, modify project properties, etc., but it didn’t work.

The solutions are as follows:

Use Notepad or some other text editor to open the. Csproj file of the project, locate to < webproject Properties >, clear the < development serverport >, < development servervpath >, < iisurl > properties about IIS configuration, < autoassignport > is true, save, re open the project with vs2015, and then F5, success!

The principle is to letVs2015 reset the boot configuration

The above scheme is feasible.

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