Solution of sublime Text3 without intelligent code prompt


I have to say that sublime Text3 is a powerful editor. Its main characteristics are small size and fast startup. But the bad side is that all “special functions” need to be improved by installing plug-ins. Therefore, there is no intelligent code in sublime Text3, which is due to the lack of a plug-in. The following small series briefly introduces how to make sublime Text3 have intelligent code tips. Let’s go and have a look!

Solution of sublime Text3 without intelligent code prompt

Sublime text 3 (advanced text editor) v3 2.1 build 3208 dev official installation

  • Type:Text text
  • size:9.78MB
  • Language:English software
  • Time:2019-04-24

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1. Start the editor and write the code method. It is found that there are only HTML prompts, but no function prompts;

2. Click “preferences” – “package control” to prepare various operations of the plug-in package;

3. Click “install package” in the drop-down box to install the plug-in package,

4. Enter “sublimecodeintel” in the input box, a prompt appears, and click to enter the installation immediately;

5. Prompt: during installation, wait for several seconds;

6. If the installation is successful, a prompt will be returned;

7. You can also check whether there is a plug-in package in the menu bar. If there is, it indicates that the installation is successful;

8. Reopen the page and enter the function method name, and the intelligent code prompt will appear.