Solution of rundll32.exe application error



When it comes to rundll32.exe, it is actually a program to run DLL files, which is very important to the system. The main reason is that the rundll32.exe program is damaged by a virus in the computer, resulting in the loss of the rundll32.exe file when the rundll32.exe file is checked and killed by the anti-virus software. The solution is as follows:
1. First, check and kill the computer virus Trojan horse, such as Jinshan guard. After thoroughly checking and killing the computer virus Trojan horse, then use this tool to repair the loss of rundll32.exe file. If the repair is successful, there will be no error in the rundll32.exe application.
2. Of course, we can also manually download the rundll32.exe file directly on another computer or on the Internet. Then copy it to the failed computer, save the rundll32.exe file and place it on the system disk C: \ windows \ system32 \. I’ll find the lost documents now. You can run some programs.
Now, if there is a rundll32.exe application error, I believe users know how to solve it. I hope it will help you.