Solution of Apple ID deactivation in MAC system


Some Mac users find that their Apple ID has been disabled. How to solve this problem? Now Xiaobian will analyze the causes of this problem and the solutions.

The products affected include aperture 2. X, MobileMe, icloud, iPhoto 7. X, iTunes Store, photo service and so on.

To protect your security, if you enter your account password incorrectly several times, your Apple ID will be automatically disabled (partially disabled). This will affect some services accessed with Apple ID, such as the following services associated with the account: Apple print products, icloud, iTunes Store, and MobileMe.

 如何解决MAC系统Apple ID停用问题

If your Apple ID is disabled, the following information may be displayed when trying to use some online services:

“This Apple ID has been disabled for security reasons”

Too many login attempts

“Unable to sign in because your account has been disabled for security reasons”

“This Apple ID is locked for security reasons”

  Note:Partial deactivation means that you cannot edit your personal information, purchase items, access icloud or MobileMe

  Solution: reset the account password

If the account is partially disabled for security reasons, use Iforgot to reset the account to restore access to the disabled service. In addition, you can click the“Reset password”or“Forget the password?”Button.

  Note:If you are a MobileMe user, please enter the complete MobileMe e-mail address when the system prompts you to enter the Apple ID, such as [email protected] ([email protected] )。

  Update icloud and / or MobileMe settings

1. Tap settings.

2. Tap icloud.

3. When prompted, tap edit

4. Type the new password.

5. Tap finish.

  MobileMe preferences

1. Tap settings.

2. Tap email, contacts, calendar.

3. Select your MobileMe account.

4. When prompted, tap edit

5. Type the new password.

6. Tap finish.


If you use the e-mail application to access icloud or MobileMe e-mail, the e-mail application should prompt you for a new password when checking the e-mail. If you are not prompted and you are using Mac OS X mail, please refer to this article. If you are using another e-mail application, please refer to the built-in version of the application for information on changing your e-mail password settings.

  Update store settings

You will be prompted for a password when you purchase items, update applications, or access accounts in the iTunes Store or Mac app store.

The above is the reason why Apple ID of MAC system is disabled and the solution. If you have encountered this problem, please come and have a look. It may be helpful to solve your problem.