Solution | in the post epidemic period, why do banks need smart credit center more?


Recently, Xiao Zhang, the manager of a bank’s credit business department, was a little upset

At the beginning of the year, enterprises did not start work because of the epidemic, which reduced the demand for new credit. Compared with the previous “rush to start the new year”, this year’s credit may have to “seize the whole year”.
With the gradual resumption of work, the credit demand of small and micro enterprises rebounded, and the Department of Xiaozhang began againFaced with a large number of enterprises and heavy workload, it is difficult to accurately analyze the financial situation of enterprises, and it is difficult to control credit riskAnd so on

Solution | in the post epidemic period, why do banks need smart credit center more?

There are many external changes and rapid changes, and there are many internal problems that need to be improved

Problem 1: business efficiency is not highBank credit data is too scattered, lack of data integration platform, data sharing between departments can not be carried out, and business development efficiency is not high;

Question 2: personal experienceThe existing credit system of banks tends to process management and lacks the support of analysis system. In the process of decision-making, too much reliance on personal experience will lead to the difference of overall business quality due to the difference of different business personnel’s ability;

Problem 3: lack of records before and after loanBanks have limited influence on the implementation of pre investigation and post loan checks of business personnel, lack of process records, and lack of a full line process supervision and guidance tool. The results become the only evaluation criteria, and lack of more dimensional evaluation criteria to evaluate the quality of business personnel.

Question 4: credit risk increasesWith the continuous growth of bank scale, the credit risk faced by banks will continue to increase, and the working pressure of marketing personnel and risk control personnel will also continue to increase, and there is a lack of advanced technical means to realize automatic management. My wife is so Southern

With the help of cloud computing, artificial intelligence and big data technology, the new generation of credit intelligence platform of Netease lightboat micro service covers the original framework of financial level cloud, corporate credit expert system, financial statement auxiliary analysis system, etc.

To help bank credit account managers improve the quality, efficiency and standardization of pre credit investigation, loan review, post loan risk warning and post loan inspection, so as to help banks enlarge their faces, expand their assets, improve asset quality, improve operational efficiency and reduce costs.

How is this done? Specifically, it can be divided into the following three ways:

01 with Qingzhou micro service financial level cloud original framework as the base, multi system unified support

Solution | in the post epidemic period, why do banks need smart credit center more?

New generation of credit intelligent middle officeQingzhou micro service financial level cloud native framework, gateway and other technical infrastructure, including heterogeneous system docking, unified internal and external data management, unified interface services, and support multi-channel, multi-user, multi front-end system unified support.

The service-oriented mode can support the rapid distributed iteration of services. Therefore, in addition to meeting the common needs of multiple front-end businesses, compared with other traditional architectures, it can also quickly respond to the changes in the requirements of front-end business, and meet the precipitation and expansion of Taihua in different capabilities.

Previously, Qingzhou microservice had cooperated with ICBC to provideICBC provides distributed transactionIt has completed the construction of distributed transaction, improved and enhanced the overall distributed “base” capability of ICBC. At the same time, it provides customized architecture design according to the business scenarios and current system conditions of ICBC, so as to ensure the universality, scalability, high availability and high performance of the architecture.

02 corporate credit expert system strengthens standardization and improves risk prevention and control ability

Solution | in the post epidemic period, why do banks need smart credit center more?

  • Centralized data processingThrough the integration of internal and external data, the system automatically obtains data, completes data analysis, verification and filling in the investigation report, reduces the workload of customer managers and improves the efficiency of credit business;
  • Fine template design before loan, during loan and after loan: build standardized three check templates to achieve full coverage of pre loan and post loan templates by industry, amount and product.
  • Intelligent analysisIt introduces financial analysis, industry analysis, credit analysis, access model, quota model, pricing model and automatic five level classification to enhance the risk identification ability and risk prevention and control capability of pre loan investigation.
  • Guided processThrough the construction of guiding process, the customer manager can be guided in the whole process to improve the professionalism and compliance.

Enhance the analysis ability of financial statement support system

Solution | in the post epidemic period, why do banks need smart credit center more?

  • OCR recognition and format automatic conversion of financial statements, and automatic generation of financial analysis reports
    The paper financial statements are converted into electronic data by OCR identification technology, which does not need to be manually entered by users
  • Strengthen the financial report risk assessment, establish the report anti fraud and early warning model, and improve the risk prevention and control
    Through index ratio analysis, key subject review, data relationship verification and other functions, multiple early warning mechanisms are established
  • Industry benchmarking analysis
    To establish and improve the industry knowledge base by comparing the financial status of customers with the same industry enterprises and with the average level or standard value of the industry
  • public service
    Balance detection of report forms and report processing of confusion between old and new standards

Solution | in the post epidemic period, why do banks need smart credit center more?

In the post epidemic period, smart credit center will helpImprove business efficiency and risk prevention and control capabilityIn order to save cost and increase efficiency in the industry competition of “seizing the whole year”.

In the long run, through the establishment of a unified bank’s ability to credit loans to the public, a simple way of pre loan investigation and post loan inspection process is carried out.Guide and record the whole processTo form a unified standard at the bank levelPersonal experience turns into department experience, even the whole bank experienceThe construction of corporate expert system provides decision-making data and management tools to guide and monitor the activities of front-line customer managers in a timely manner, and will also promote corporate creditFrom the result oriented management mode to the whole process fine management transformation

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