Solution for ThinkPad e490 unable to install centos7.6


Qianfeng plans to install multiple systems (windows, CentOS, Kali) on the ThinkPad e490 notebook computer for technical research.
The system comes with windows10 at the factory, and can’t wait to install centos7 system. So I downloaded the centos7.6.1810 full version image (centos-7-x86_64-everything-1810.iso, about 10g), and used the Win32 disk imager tool to write the ISO to the U disk (Note: the capacity should be 16g or more).
I thought it was easy to install CentOS. However, something unexpected happened. Just after I started installing CentOS, there was a problem before I entered the language selection interface. The kernel crashed (as shown in the figure below). I thought it might be a bit tricky.
Solution for ThinkPad e490 unable to install centos7.6

After carefully looking at the error message, I mentioned the kernel bug at include/linux/dma-attrs h:53!, Move on to the key message: workqueue:nvme_ reset-wq nvme_ reset_ Work[nvme], it is determined that there is a problem reading nvme SSD. I can’t think of a solution.
I have no time to deal with it. I want to see if this is the case after installing Kali? Download kali2019.2 (Linux kernel 4.19) and install it. In fact, it goes smoothly without any errors.
Then I want to see if this is the case with centos6? Download centos6.10 (Linux kernel 2.6.32) and install it. It was peaceful and no error occurred.
Try centos7.0 again, but the error is still the same. It seems that it is only Linux kernel 3 X is the problem? Can it be solved only by patching the kernel?
Can it be solved from the hardware level? So go to the ThinkPad official website, find the BIOS upgrade program first, and upgrade to the latest version. Try to install centos7.6 again, but it is still invalid!
Solution for ThinkPad e490 unable to install centos7.6

Continue to find the nvme SSD microcode upgrade program. May it be effective? After upgrading the microcode, I have a premonition that I will succeed. As expected, centos7.6 was installed again without any previous errors. The installation interface was successfully entered and solved!

Solution for ThinkPad e490 unable to install centos7.6
After the problem was solved, I went to the CentOS official website with some questions. I saw a bug similar to this. I can fix it by patching the kernel. The author has no time to verify this scheme, but only gives an idea.
Solution for ThinkPad e490 unable to install centos7.6

This problem is not limited to ThinkPad e490. If this problem occurs on other brands of machines, you can also try to upgrade the microcode program from the official; Or patch the kernel.

PS: there are some other problems in the process of continuing the installation. For the time being, press the “no” table, and then sort out the solutions when you are free. Please look forward to it~~~

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Solution for ThinkPad e490 unable to install centos7.6

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