Solution for SqlServer 2008 failing to open error log files in Win2008


This morning, a client’s SqlServer 2008 server should be reconfigured so that the website can not be opened. After linking to the remote server, the server’s event viewer found the following errors.

Error Description:

Log name: Application
Date: 2011/10/25 11:30:49
Event ID: 17058
Task Category: Server
Level: Error
Keyword: Classic
User: temporary vacancy
Initerrlog: The error log file’D: WWW Services SQLDATE MSSQL10.MSSQLSERVER MSSQL Log ERRORLOG’could not be opened. Operating system error = 5 (denial of access). )

Direct F1, did not find a solution in Microsoft’s problem library, carefully look at the last hint, unable to open the error log file, refuse access, so it must be the access rights problem, after a while of tossing, finally got it right.

The solutions are as follows:

Open the folder’D: WWW Services SQLDATE MSSQL10. MSSQLSERVER MSSQL Log’, right-click Properties — “Security”, click the user who starts with “SqlServer MsSqlUser” and set its permissions to support modification. After completion, open the SqlServer 2008 configuration manager, start, everything is normal.

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