Solution for “Microsoft. Ace. OLEDB. 12.0” provider not registered on local machine “


“The” “Microsoft. Ace. OLEDB. 12.0” “provider is not registered on the local computer, whether it is connected to an access database or a SQL Server database.” This problem has puzzled me for many years since office 2016.

My software version: win10 (x64) system + office 2019 (x64) software + Visual Studio 2019

It’s finally settled today.

Resolvent(two steps are crucial)

1. Install Microsoft Access 2010 database engine redistributable package

Download address: Id = 13255

You are?64Bit Office, you will install accessdatabaseengine? X64.exe.

If you are a 32-bit office, you should install accessdatabaseengine.exe.

You can only choose one from the other. After you install one, you cannot install the other.

I’m 64 bit office. That must be to install accessdatabaseengine? X64.exe.

2. In visual studio, after you open a project / solution.

Solution Explorer in the upper right part of the software → select the project name → right click Properties → generate → target platformChange “any CPU” to “x64”(it can only be changed to x64, not other options.)

3. Rebuild, start the program, it’s all right.


About step 2

In fact, it can also be solved by changing the active platform of the solution to x64 platform (the target platform of the project will automatically change to x64)

In the upper right part of the software, “Solution Explorer” → select the solution → right click “properties” → click “configuration manager” → select “new” in the “active solution platform” drop-down list → select “x64” as the new platform, and keep the other defaults → click “OK” → regenerate the solution.

I started this article with Zhihu, and now I’m moving here.

I have learned a lot of knowledge in blog Park, and now I should make some contributions.

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