Solarmesh releases v1.6.1. If you don’t experience it again


Solarmesh of Xingyun innovation officially released v1.6.1. The new version simplifies the installation steps and can be installed in 5 minutes; Add traffic policy configuration. Users can select policy configuration according to different scenarios; Introduce conflict detection mechanism to avoid configuration contradiction and reduce operation and maintenance cost.
Simplify installation procedures
During the installation of the new version, the service cluster registration no longer needs to set IP. Instead, the solar controller takes the initiative to find the cluster gateway address, so that users can realize rapid installation.
The version can be configured with multiple HTTP policies
In the virtualservice settings, the HTTP policy can be configured with multiple policies, so that the traffic can adapt to different traffic policies under different rules, making the application scope wider.
The conflict monitoring mechanism is introduced to change the coverage logic of the general distribution strategy
Since the general distribution strategy can configure different traffic strategies, a conflict monitoring mechanism is introduced. If the selected service is not configured with any policy, the generic policy will be added as the default policy; If the selected service has been configured with the corresponding traffic policy, and there is a conflict with the general configuration policy, the user can choose the policy by himself.
Version configuration of traffic image is no longer required
Users can choose to assign the configuration of traffic image to the version or service.

Solarmesh is an efficient visual microservice governance platform based on istio, which provides comprehensive traffic management and non-invasive service governance solutions:
Quickly locate faults and improve R & D efficiency
Observing microservice applications from the perspective of traffic, the call relationship between services is clearly visible, real-time grasp the network health status, quickly locate the problem location, and provide multiple guarantees for the robustness of the system.
Comprehensive traffic management to enhance operation and maintenance capability
It has complete service governance capabilities to provide more traffic level protection for cloud native applications.
Traffic encryption to ensure dispatching security
Point to point traffic encryption, through strong constraints on security strategies such as service authentication and inter service communication encryption, non-invasive monitoring data collection, fully ensures the security and reliability in the process of service scheduling.
Multi cluster, multi language, zero cost
It supports the unified management of multiple clusters in the hybrid cloud environment, supports any programming language, can access and manage without modifying the code, and can quickly connect with existing services.

Author: Xingyun innovation
Source: Nuggets
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