Software camouflage to modify various QQ icons


This friend below! Yes, that’s you. Your message editor replied: “in fact, it’s not difficult to change.” The editor in chief saw it and gave it a good beating. “Can our readers just ignore the simple questions?”

Well, it’s a small mistake. We shouldn’t take all the things we think are simple. Since you have the need to change the icon, we will do a technical point, the software resides in the taskbar, the system bar icons are changed together! Interesting enough!

The flat icon style developed from mobile phones has been carried forward in Windows 10! However, there are many softwares that don’t update the icon style in time, which makes our visual effects very different, especially QQ, which often stays in the taskbar. However, to modify various QQ icons, we need to use a special software tool “general package file processing tool” and a set of nice flat icons to deal with qq files and replace ugly icons.

There’s wood in there?

First, we turn off QQ, and then find the res.rdb file that needs to be modified. It is stored in

Under the directory X: \ program files (x86) \ tenant \ QQ \ resource.8.3.18038,

That is: QQ installation directory + QQ version number folder.

Use the above“General package file processing tools”Open it (or drag res.rdb directly to the software), you can see the complete internal file structure of QQ.

Right click “lockpanel” and “status”, select “replace” option, and replace them with downloaded “QQ task bar icon file” and save.

After logging in QQ, does the icon of the taskbar become more harmonious?

You don’t need to envy those who use Windows 7. Xiaobian specially packed a special flat icon for Windows 7 for you. The effect picture is as follows. The replacement method is the same as that of windows 10. You can follow this procedure.

If the above icon replacement method is to look good, then the next step is mainly practical. Playing games at work or secretly watching movies, it must be a dead end to be caught by the leaders. But Xiaobian has never been caught playing “Legend of furnace stone” at work. Do you know why? Change the icon they display in the taskbar!

But this time we need to change a new software to help, “exescope” is to replace the icon in the application software. EXE file. After starting, select the. EXE file to be modified.

Software name:
Exescope (popular software modification) 6.50 Chinese green version
Software size:

Then click “resource icon” on the left, you can see the appearance of the software displayed in the taskbar icon.

Replace the other icons you want to replace, and then select save.

Look, now even if I play the legend of hearthstone at work, the editor in chief will only think that Xiaobian is seriously testing the router. Well, it’s like this. What can you do for me?

Where are all the icon files from? Recommend a better download website, small make up these camouflage icons are from here down!