Smartbi: Enterprise Reporting Software Helps Enterprise Data Transformation


Nowadays, big data has become an area that every enterprise manager has to pay attention to. If an enterprise's business growth has notdata analysisIn association, it is impossible to discover the business problems and development direction of the enterprise from the data, which will greatly limit the large-scale operation and healthy development of the enterprise.

First of all, we must understand the pain points of traditional small and micro enterprise financial management:

1. Weak data construction

The internal financial departments of various enterprises still need a lot of labor costs for financial accounting. There are many highly repetitive tasks in financial and accounting work, which slow down the work efficiency of financial personnel and ultimately increase the cost of financial operations. Anyone who knows the financial sector knows that the financial sector has always been a money-burning sector in terms of corporate spending, but companies still have to burn this part of the money. Therefore, for small and medium-sized enterprises, it is more to minimize the labor cost of the financial sector in order to reduce the amount of money burned.

2. Business and finance cannot be well integrated

This is caused by lag in financial data. The financial management analysis report is incomplete, and sometimes the accuracy of the data needs to be verified, which affects the correct decision-making of the enterprise. High repetitive work and complex financial operations inevitably lead to financial accounting errors and data errors, but sometimes auditors have not fully audited.

3. The financial system is slow to respond

Enterprises are unable to grasp the latest policies and management methods in a timely manner, resulting in missed opportunities for enterprises to respond, resulting in losses to enterprises.

Therefore, while SMEs are undergoing digital transformation, they must also undergo digital transformation. Digital transformation starts with financial management. Using appropriate financial systems and financial software to integrate into enterprise management, it can reasonably replace financial personnel to complete calculations and other highly repetitive tasks.

Careful accounting logic can effectively reduce the error rate of financial personnel. It reduces the labor cost of internal financial staff in the enterprise. The first three finance people might be able to do this well. With financial software, two or even one person can make previous accounts.

Smartbi: Enterprise Reporting Software Helps Enterprise Data Transformation

If you want to solve the pain points of small enterprises, you must first understand that small enterprises do not have strong capital and lack of R&D departments, so it is very important to select enterprise report software.

"If you want to do good work, you must first benefit from it." The above dilemma is a chain reaction. The root of the problem lies in the lack of effective tool support.

In today's data analysis tools segment, BI tools that integrate report reporting, data visualization, self-service exploration and analysis, mobile collaboration, and machine learning. Among them, the well-known Smartbi software in China is quite outstanding.

Smartbi: Enterprise Reporting Software Helps Enterprise Data Transformation

Smartbi enterprise reporting software started from the financial industry and has comprehensive functions, including various analysis applications such as report reporting, data exploration, ETL, data mining, AI, and sharing portals; from data warehouse extraction and analysis, to more than Including developers, data analysts, even business personnel without advanced IT knowledge, enterprise users can operate proficiently, and then to realize enterprises, intelligent AI wheat can be operated through natural language, freeing hands and making mobile terminal users easier and more convenient to operate. fast. After testing Smartbi's report software performance stability is second to none, and Smartbi Personal Edition is completely free.