Smart meeting room, a new generation of office “net red”


Smart meeting room, a new generation of office
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Strategists must contend for: the needs and challenges of the company’s conference room

With the gradual development of the company, the conference room has become a “place for strategists”: the boss needs the conference room for strategic discussion, HR needs the conference room to organize employee training, business needs the conference room to receive external VIPs, and various conferences and meetings of various departments
Smart meeting room, a new generation of office

Conference room has become one of the hot resources of the company, but at the same time, the allocation of conference room resources has also become one of the most important administrative headaches of each company. At the same time, as the basic economic activity of enterprises, cost management is closely related to the economic benefits and profit level of enterprises. High quality and efficient cost management system is the only magic weapon for enterprise management upgrading. As an asset of the company, conference rooms often have the following problems:

Single reservation method:Receive customers on the road and temporarily want to use the conference room, but you can’t book directly and remotely through your mobile phone;

Serious waste of resources:Some colleagues hold a meeting for 5 minutes, book 8 hours, or even don’t come to the meeting. Some colleagues have important meetings, but they can’t book the meeting room at all The contradictions among them seriously affect the employees’ work efficiency and work mood;

Significant energy consumption problems:After using the meeting room, the employees did not turn off the air conditioning and lights in time, resulting in a waste of power resources.

How to make the best use of the resources in the conference room to improve the work efficiency of employees is one of the urgent tasks of most companies.

Innovation: intelligent conference room solution

According to ovicloud, the number of conference rooms in China has exceeded 20 million, and the number of conference rooms in the world is as high as 100 million. With the continuous implementation of digital technologies such as Internet of things, big data and artificial intelligence in all walks of life, a new blue ocean appears in the conference room industry. In view of this, Shanghai Information Service and graffiti intelligence have jointly created a “smart conference room solution”.
Smart meeting room, a new generation of office

Based on the rich ecology of powered by Tuya intelligent hardware products provided by graffiti intelligence, such as human presence sensors, smart sockets, smart screens, air-conditioning partners, smart light bulbs, etc., Shanghai Information Service intelligent conference room solution creates an intelligent linked conference room space; At the same time, it also has multiple end SDKs such as Android, IOS and applets provided by graffiti to customize exclusive apps and applets; And cloud APIs such as device control and scene linkage to help customers quickly build their own SaaS applications and create intelligent meeting room space. At the same time, through operation analysis ability and environmental monitoring ability, reduce energy consumption in the meeting room and improve staff work efficiency.

Recommend No

Based on the app SDK and cloud API provided by graffiti intelligence, customize the exclusive application and management background, and realize a variety of reservation methods: computer reservation, mobile reservation, reservation screen at the door of the conference room More intelligent recommendation function: recommend appropriate meeting room space according to time, place and number of participants.

No.2 intelligent sensing, unmanned detection

Based on intelligent hardware such as human body sensors, it can automatically detect the personnel in the conference room. According to the preset, if no one is in the conference room within the specified time, the conference room resources will be automatically released to eliminate the situation of “meeting for 5 minutes and booking for 8 hours” and greatly improve the utilization efficiency of the conference room; At the same time, once no one is detected, it will automatically turn off the power supply of equipment in the conference room to reduce the energy consumption in the conference room.

No.3 equipment control, scene linkage

Based on the integration of intelligent hardware and software such as intelligent lighting, intelligent curtain and air conditioning partner, one key control lighting, projector, curtain, air conditioning and other equipment. One click to open the “meeting mode”, save meeting time, improve meeting efficiency, and the style of the meeting room is up!

No.4 energy consumption statistics, safety alarm

Based on intelligent hardware such as intelligent socket, real-time statistics of power consumption in the conference room can make the power consumption in the conference room clear at a glance; There are also intelligent hardware such as smoke alarm to detect the safety of the conference room. Once there is a dangerous situation, it will automatically report the danger and solve the worries at home.

NO5. Real time data, analysis and statistics

By managing the background, you can check the use of the conference room in real time, such as the number of people used in the conference, the number of people used in the conference room, the use type of the conference room, etc., and then you can get the information such as the utilization rate of the conference room, the use matching degree of the conference room, the use saturation of the conference room, etc., which is convenient for the manager to adjust and optimize the conference room resources.

5 main functions to make leaders understand the whole picture and clarify the resource situation; Let the administrator manage uniformly to reduce energy consumption and communication cost; Let the organizer book at will to ensure that the meeting is timely and accurate. More other value-added services, such as conference sign in function, make enterprise efficiency management go further!

Perfect combination: Shanghai Xinfu x graffiti intelligence

“Enterprises have great enthusiasm in improving the overall work efficiency, which is where the market demand for intelligent conference room lies. Based on improving the overall work efficiency, so that employees can reserve conference room anytime and anywhere”, is the starting point of Shanghai Information Service’s development of intelligent conference room.

“It is very time-consuming and laborious to complete the development of a system from 0 to 1. We often encounter various emergencies, which makes the team tired. At this time, it reflects the value of a reliable partner.” The full support of graffiti intelligence not only provides Shanghai information service with a one-stop solution for open access of software and hardware based on graffiti ecology, meets the customization needs of software and hardware in the intelligent conference room, but also provides technical solutions and support free of charge to keep the development progress of the system moving forward.

Improve the operation efficiency of the enterprise, enhance the brand image of the enterprise, and stimulate the sense of belonging of employees, starting from the intelligent conference room.

The world is big, graffiti together!

Smart meeting room, a new generation of office