Smart home solutions

Because I am also a geek enthusiast, my family has done a variety of intelligent control a long time ago, the previous control module is not so powerful, I also combined with the Nokia 6120c developed control module with C + +, but now my family bought a pile of control modules on Taobao, combined with small degree at home, the use of the whole can yo! Today, a friend installed a new house, asked me how to do smart home, he did not understand! So there are the following suggestions!

Overall plan
`WiFi controls everything! Indirect control if not directly controlled`

In general, smart home is used to control all kinds of electrical appliances, switch and adjust. There are many ways, but a set of solutions is basically the current one: a master control (smart speaker or smart gateway) controls the device through WiFi, but many devices, such as TV, need WiFi to control an infrared transmitter, and control the TV through infrared remote control. Or WiFi controller Bluetooth, ZigBee transmitter to control the device.

Simple and cheap version of smart home implementation mode, scheme 13 recommendations.
1. Main control panel: small smart screen and tmall smart screen (WiFi is generally required to control most of the home devices)
2. Want a WiFi router, gateway! 
3. Door lock: intelligent lock - WIFI remote control (if you want to monitor the outside of the door with a camera, you may need to charge, you need to reserve a buried socket at an appropriate position behind the door, some do not need to be charged)
4. 4. Intelligent curtain: if WiFi is used, it is necessary to reserve socket for power supply
5. Intelligent switch: it is used to control all kinds of lights. If you want to support WiFi, there are many different types of wiring modes. You should know about them and buy them first. Bedroom, living room double control switch, do not need cloth double control line, because a switch belongs to the remote control attached to the wall.
6. The sweeper robot needs to be charged. Reserve a charging position for the socket. When buying, you should pay attention to whether it supports WiFi and master control. Some do not support the general control, some do not support WiFi.
7. To control an ordinary TV set, you can only switch on and off. You need to connect an infrared transmitter to the master control. The master controller controls the infrared transmitter through WiFi, sends off the remote control signal, and controls the TV switch
8. It has intelligent set-top box, which can be controlled to change channels through voice
9. The air conditioner uses the same infrared transmitter as the TV. Now there are also those that can directly control the air conditioner through WiFi,
10. The purifier and humidifier can be plugged into the smart seat. The master controller controls the power on and power off of the smart socket through WiFi and controls them. There are also intelligent versions of the master control that directly controls them via WiFi.
11. Enter the room and turn on the light, and set it in the master control.
12. If there is a Yuba in the toilet, select WiFi to control the switch,
13. Living detection and intelligent cameras are usually used to monitor thieves at the entrance door, and the intelligent lock with camera can be used
14. There is no need to let the elderly fall down in the living detection installation room