Smart eye of mobile phone smart vision


“You give me wisdom

Help me identify the calories of food

You give me wisdom

Help me translate long articles

You give me wisdom

Help me find a place to shop

You give me wisdom

Help me out of the situation that I don’t know things… “

Er ha, I’d like to sing a song for you. I hope you like it. Because erha’s traffic portal introduced to you today has something to do with the lyrics – “smart vision, smart eye of your mobile phone”.

Smart vision triggers fast services by scanning pictures or codes on mobile phones. The specific trigger mode is as follows:

  • [page 01] Click the smart visual icon to enter [page 02]
  • [page 02] Click the function icon to start automatic recognition and enter [page 03]
  • [03] Click the service card to enter the [04] service details page

—-It’s over

Smart eye of mobile phone smart vision
   at present, the main support functions of smart vision are as follows:

Identification: identify the scanned items and give a brief introduction.

L shopping: identify the scanned items and give the shopping page.

Calories: identify the scanned items and give the calories of the food.

   l translation: recognize words and translate them.
Smart eye of mobile phone smart vision

Let’s talk about an interesting thing here. I remember that erha and his colleagues once had a tea break. There was one such thing in the fruit on the tea break (as shown in the figure below). At that time, my little friend and I were shocked (maybe our knowledge is limited, and we should be able to see it at a glance). The shape of this thing is like an apple, the color is a bit like a kiwi fruit, but it’s still a little light, and it’s hard to feel, so what is it At that time, we observed for a long time, but did not speak. At this time, a colleague took out Huawei’s mobile phone, turned on smart vision, and scanned it with the “object recognition” function, but it turned out to be a “pear” A “bold” colleague picked it up and tasted it. “It’s really a pear.”. We checked along the clues and found that this thing is all called “Sha Li”. It’s really knowledgeable. It’s smart eye of mobile phone, worthy of its name

Smart eye of mobile phone smart vision
   also, recently in the weight loss of small partners might as well try the function of calories, sweep the food, look at the calories, suddenly lose appetite, for weight loss is also very beneficial.

Smart eye of mobile phone smart vision

Link to the past: the revolution of freeing hands — smart voice
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Original author: Wang erha

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