Small programs even develop a diary function need enterprise certification…


After a dozen days of practice, I can only write a small app for others
I feel that the small program is not as comfortable as the native development such as fluent and RN, nor is it as cool as the H5 hybrid development method (provided that it is not certified by the enterprise). I will appreciate the projects you write,

Here are the reasons for the failure:

This is why I am really speechless. Thanks to my development, I have also considered the use of different users

Here are some features of the applet

Small programs are not very beautiful

There are also some functions such as todo, map, interpretation of dreams, looking at fortune and so on

Because it is used by different users, I don’t know if there are any bugs in user data isolation

What’s most annoying is that I can’t pass the audit. Eh, ε = (‘ο ‘))

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