Skillfully using “translation” function to solve the problem that web pages cannot be copied


Many websites don’t allow copying website content, but there are many ways to solve the problem that can’t be copied. Here is a tip to use the “translation” function of web pages. For example, if you want to copy a paragraph of text on a web page, you need to register to copy it. How to copy this text?

1. First select the text to be copied. First, select the text you want to copy.

2. Right click the copied text and select“translate“Scientific research methods”.

3. Turn the page to Baidu translation interface,Chinese on the left and English on the right

4. Select the Chinese part.

5. Right click, in the pop-up menu, select“copy”。

6. Create a new document and paste the copied text into the new document.

matters needing attention:

As long as we allow translation software to translate, we can use this method to copy the text we want, although we do not allow legal system. But the premise is to be able to select and allow translation. Otherwise, you can only select another replication method.

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