Six reasons to tell you why to use the pig toothed fish work calendar!


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In daily teamwork, everyone hopes that their attention can focus on the important things that need to be completed, so as to make the work more focused and simple; Leaders also hope to know the situation of team cooperation in time and help the team cooperate better. In order to make team collaboration more efficient and easier to manage, we usually make some plans, such as iteration plan, weekly plan, PI plan, etc. However, these plans are often a to-do list or a roadmap, which can not make everyone focus on what needs to be completed at a certain time every day. Moreover, when there is a time conflict in the task, it can not be found in time, and the time of cooperating with team members is also very difficult.

In the face of the above problems, pig toothed fish has launched a new “work calendar” function to make time management more scientific and team cooperation more efficient.

Next, let’s take a look at the 6 ways in which pig toothed fish makes the team benefit from the pig toothed fish work calendar.

01 replace to-do list with calendar, high quality time management

To do list is a good way to improve work efficiency. You can clearly see the daily schedule. For each item completed, team members can drag and drop the item to the completed item list, and the item is crossed out. However, it is not a simple thing to complete all the things that need to be done in one day. Some tasks take a long time, but it is difficult to estimate in the list.

The pig toothed fish work calendar can be passedTime dimension, manage daily to-do items quickly, so that the time required for each item is clear at a glance, and you can view work items in the way of weekly view and monthly view,Use time management to advance the progress of to-do items.

Calendar time management chart

02 create work items across projects and centrally manage tasks

In project management, one person is often responsible for multiple projects, and the rhythm of different projects will be different, which can easily lead to the conflict of meetings or work items. For example, project a plans to have a requirements review meeting from 10:00 to 11:00, while project B plans to start an iteration review meeting at 10:30, and the time of the two meetings coincides. This unreasonable meeting arrangement is easy to fragment the time of employees, resulting in the inability to focus on daily work matters and affecting the progress.

Using the pig toothed fish work calendar, the tasks of each project participated by individuals can be concentrated in one place in time dimension to make a clear task division. Each user has his own work calendar and creates work items for different projects,It shall be managed in the form of calendar to avoid work conflict between projects.

03 can notify all relevant persons of the work item, and the information can be synchronized in real time

A work item or meeting in a project often needs to be completed by multiple people, which requires all managers and participants to be notified and confirmed one by one, which is time-consuming and affects efficiency. Sometimes there is poor information due to inadequate notification, resulting in work item delay or cancellation.

In the pig toothed fish work calendar, users canQuickly create work items or meetings, maintain the corresponding person in charge and participants, inform everyone of the work items to be completed and the meeting information to be attended, and the corresponding work items or meeting information will also be synchronized to their work calendar.

04 manage work items from the perspective of parent task and quickly align task objectives

In pig toothed fish, when a task needs multi person cooperation, the task can be divided into multiple sub tasks, and the split task is called the parent task. The progress of parent task and sub task will be followed up and completed by different responsible persons. For team members, from the perspective of parent task of pig toothed fish work calendar, work items can be managed to quickly align task objectives.

For example, a development task can be divided into multiple subtasks, such as front-end task, back-end task, product task, UI task, etc. As a developer, you will be able toBetter focus on your tasksAnd complete the delivery within the specified project cycle. You can also view your own task arrangement, estimated time, completion information, etc. under the parent task at any time to quickly align the task objectives and avoid the delay of the whole project due to the delay of related tasks.

Pig toothed fish work calendar

05 one click subscription to the local, work and life in order

Work items and meetings recorded on the pig toothed fish work calendar can be subscribed to the local calendar. If you are using the local calendar to record the events in your life, but want to manage the time of work and life at the same time, you can subscribe to the pig toothed fish work calendar to the local with one click and quickly integrate with the local calendar, so as to arrange your work and life more flexibly and keep your work and life in order.

06 easy to use and adjust, low learning cost

Through the pig toothed fish, users can quickly create work items of the work calendar, set configuration items such as allocation managers and participants, and quickly adjust the estimated time of work items by dragging. With extremely low learning cost and easy-to-use interface, users can quickly start it in a short time, quickly apply it to project management, and immediately meet the needs of team cooperation.

**Make the team’s work planning clearer, make the task and project collaboration more transparent, and keep the team’s time and progress synchronized** Now start applying the toothed fish work calendar in your project. Please visit the toothed fish official website to apply for trial!

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