Six months after the release of windows 11, the UI / UX design is still inconsistent: the media called Microsoft “do a good job in basic functions first”


Since its release in October last year, Microsoft Windows 11 system has ushered in a series of updates, which has brought many new experiences to users. However, recently, some foreign media reported that some users found that the problem of “all UI inconsistencies and lack of basic functions in the existing version” of windows 11, which has been released for six months, has not been solved.

Six months after the release of windows 11, the UI / UX design is still inconsistent: the media called Microsoft

As we all know, the ui/ux update of windows 11 is a topic worthy of attention for every user, especially for technicians, product and user experience designers. If the user experience is poor or the functions are not done enough, the user will immediately give feedback.

According to Neowin, when Windows 11 was released last year, the media gave a rating of 65/ At that time, the media also commented that “simplifying the UI is not a terrible idea, but directly putting it in a half baked way can not really attract users and make the experience better”.

Six months later, although Microsoft was also trying to add some new functions to the existing system, users also found in the recent insider version that it “ignored all the UI inconsistencies and the lack of basic functions in the existing version”.

According to the user screenshot, all applications in the system are inbox applications developed by Microsoft. However, we always see the inconsistency between UI and UX. It seems that the senior leadership has not supervised the design of the operating system: even the icons have different styles. Some have thicker borders, while others are simpler. It’s like every development team is doing their own thing, focusing on what they think will make their applications look beautiful, regardless of the overall aesthetics of windows 11.

Six months after the release of windows 11, the UI / UX design is still inconsistent: the media called Microsoft

It is understood that this problem is not limited to icons. In the entire operating system, there are still traditional menus older than windows 10. Menu options have basically been canceled and transferred from the previous version of windows, and the entire user experience has not been considered at all.

All these show that the existing system has obvious deficiencies in design standardization, which is not a good appearance for an operating system used by millions of people.

Six months after the release of windows 11, the UI / UX design is still inconsistent: the media called Microsoft

In addition, the existing system also faces the problem of lack of basic functions. It is reported that Microsoft still refuses to allow users to “move” the windows 11 taskbar. Of course, we all know that the windows 11 development team is composed of multiple sub teams, and different people are responsible for different things (of course, the people who add Easter eggs to the Notepad are not responsible for moving the taskbar).

The problem is that this prioritization can lead to a series of bad effects. For example, when you are making some desktop stickers and other things, your inbox Notepad application is completely “Crazy” under certain circumstances, which is definitely not a good experience.

Therefore, some media shouted: Microsoft, please do a good job in the basic functions first.

So what are these “basic” functions? It is reported that Microsoft’s feedback center is a good starting point. There are thousands of projects there, and ideally Microsoft should track these projects with a higher priority in development. However, many such requests have been put on hold for several months, but Microsoft has not updated them, and may sometimes ignore these feedback directly.

Although we all know that windows 11 is continuously developed by multiple teams in their respective key areas, it is unfair to expect things to change all at once. Therefore, users hope that Microsoft can have enough centralized supervision in this regard (such as establishing a central supervision process). These supervisors should be responsible for managing priorities and guiding the development of missing functions, so as to standardize UI design.

Fortunately, the upcoming large version of “windows 11 22h2” is expected to be released in September. According to Microsoft’s previous plans, windows 11 has only one major update a year. According to foreign media reports, Microsoft plans to improve the interface of the existing operating system by introducing mica+fluent into more applications using different frameworks. At the same time, the UI will be further optimized. Let’s look forward to it!

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