Six great ways to show code


Most of the time, developers need to show code snippets, which may be used for demos, blogs or summaries.

So what are the code tools?

1. Polacode…

If you like vs code, then this one suits you!PolacodeIs a vs code extension, can be directly from theVSCodeGet a nice screen capture of the code.

Six great ways to show code


Create and share beautiful pictures of source code.

Start typing or drag the file into the text area to get started.

You can alsoGitHubAndcarbonConnect.

Six great ways to show code


The best part about codeimg is that they already have social media templates. So you don’t have to worry about the canvas size.

In terms of function, codeimg has more options than

This is a Facebook template created using

Six great ways to show code

4. Pastie

If you like minimalism and just want to share code as a link rather than a screenshot, Pastie is your ideal choice.

This is the perfect way to share code between friends / colleagues. Pastie generates links that are valid for 24 hours.

Note: Pastie uses HTTP instead of HTTPS. This means it lacks encryption and is not secure.

Six great ways to show code

5. Rust playground

If you areRustDeveloper, then this will suit you.

Run on browser interfaceRustCompiler to try the language. Like Pastie, it can share snippet links.

Six great ways to show code

6. Silicon…

It’s for useRustLanguage implementation of problem that can be solved:

  • You can’t work without the Internet and browser.
  • Cannot be used with shell( Although there is carbon now cli, its experience is not very good, especially when the network is not very good.)


silicon -o main.png 

Six great ways to show code

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Six great ways to show code

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