Singularity iPhone version officially launched


Singularity iPhone version officially launched

Recently, I haven’t updated my short book, technology blog, CocoaChina, etc. I’ve been busy developing my own product singularity app. I hope to solve our technical problems in this high-quality “app ape” product, so that more people know the singularity. We dig high-quality Internet technology articles every day for you to recommend

(currently, it supports iPhone and iPad, and Android is under development)
Note: as the keyword data of Appstore is not synchronized, you can enter the app store to download and search (focus on singularity). The product is provided free of charge. Download and recognize our official logo.

Official scan download link for singularity

Download address of singularity app store

What is the singularity?

In this era of Internet flooding, peace of mind is so simple

Singularity is an industry technology selection specially created for it people, covering Internet information, technical articles, front-end development, mobile development, product design, back-end architecture, database, program life and many other contents.
We are here to provide responsible, intelligent and close to life content, committed to making science and technology interest an important way of people’s cultural life and entertainment life.
Young people who love knowledge and are willing to share gather here to create value with knowledge and add wisdom and interest to life.
Maybe you’ll like the singularity for these:

  • Mining high quality articles – small editor carefully selected for your recommendation

  • Special technology sharing – sharing helps you grow faster

  • Community topic interaction – interesting and interesting topic discussion circle

  • High quality technical communication – exquisite and elegant makes you focus on reading

If you love technology

This is a great place for you. I recommend every day the technical articles you are interested in.

  • Knowledge depth exchange learning platform, technology through exchange, can be more rapid growth.

  • To provide a pure, high-quality technology reading community for programming enthusiasts.

  • If you want to build a strong knowledge system for scattered knowledge.

Here is very suitable for you, convenient and quick to sort out your trivial knowledge, so that you can record and share anytime and anywhere.

  • Copy links, post articles, and show off your knowledge base.

  • Instant inspiration, post topic, record your mind map.

If you are still worried about missing out on the latest industry information

Here is very suitable for you, daily selection, selection of Internet information, interesting technology, cultural knowledge, life travel.

  • Every day, the editor selects the most valuable content and recommends it to you one by one.

  • Refined and elegant, let you focus more on reading.

2016 – singularity Online – target to become “the first dry goods platform on the Internet”

We hope that in the new media era, science and technology communication will become attractive, and we will continue to explore new ways to acquire knowledge and get real ideas, so as to help people get rid of various constraints of seeking knowledge.