[Singapore] well known Internet companies recruit backend, server, platform, data, Devops


Large Internet companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange, with international platform and favorable treatment, can enjoy high-quality living environment and educational resources in Singapore. They can bring their spouses and children to work and live together in Singapore. Their spouses can also work in Singapore (they do not occupy foreign places, employers do not need to pay poll tax, and they have certain advantages in finding jobs). Their children can enter nursery school normally (the best is kindergarten level) Duan just came over and entered kindergarten without any threshold. After school age, he needs to take the placement examination. At the present stage, the most simple and feasible way of skilled migration (family).

Provide cross-border Chinese video interview, do not require English level (can write code, understand documents).

Salary range (RMB 30000-50000) 12 salary (expert development can talk about rights issue) plus 1-3 months bonus at the end of the year.

Singapore’s tax is very low, such as 400000 before tax, 383000 after tax; 600000 before tax, 560000 after tax.

The company provides 18 days of annual leave, 14 days of paid sick leave, 6 days of parenting leave and 14 days of statutory holidays. There is no political overtime, overtime can be off, to provide a better balance between work and life. The company has breakfast and dinner, snacks and drinks, single office building, well-equipped restaurant, rest room, shower, whole floor gym, etc. Equipped with macbookpro + monitor, the office environment of top Internet companies.

The company provides EP (Singapore professional work permit) and DP (family permit) for spouse and children

For cross-border recruitment, new recruits will be provided with an entry and move subsidy of S $1500 (7500)

requirementWorking background in well-known Internet company, bachelor degree or above (hard target), 985211 is preferred. This year, the application conditions for EP (professional work permit) in Singapore began to improve. It was very difficult to pass the previous conditions. I hope you can understand.

The back-end is mainly Python and go (there are no restrictions on the programming language during the interview, and the language will be changed after the employment) server development is not limited to the development language, but at least proficient in one or several languages; during the interview, you can choose any language you are familiar with.

Technical interview does not test English, only requires to be able to read English documents

Singapore has a stable society and the highest security index in the world. Welcome to visit and see the opportunity. If you are interested, please send your resume to:[email protected]Or wechat for details: syrinx_ Yan

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