Simply talk about the knowledge map


What is the knowledge map

On May 17, 2012, Google officially proposedKnowledge graphThe original intention is to optimize the results returned by search engines and enhance users’ search quality and experience.

Knowledge map is not a new concept, which was put forward as early as 2006Semantic networkThe concept of RDF (Resource Description Framework) and owl (Web Ontology Language) are based on the above purpose.


1. The more users search, the wider the scope, the more information and content the search engine can obtain.

2. Give a string new meaning, not just a simple string.

3. It integrates all disciplines to facilitate the consistency of users’ search.

4. Find out more accurate information for users, make a more comprehensive summary and provide more in-depth and relevant information.

5. Systematically display the knowledge system related to keywords to users.

6. Draw useful information from the whole Internet, so that users can obtain more relevant public resources.

Architecture of knowledge map

The structure of knowledge map mainly includes its own logical structure and architecture.

Knowledge map inLogical structureThe data layer is mainly composed of a series of facts, and knowledge will be stored in fact. If you use triples such as (entity 1, relationship, entity 2), (entity, attribute, attribute value) to express facts, you can choose the graph database as the storage medium, such as open source neo4j, Twitter’s flockdb, janusgraph, etc. The pattern layer is built on the data layer, mainly through the ontology library to standardize the expression of a series of facts in the data layer. Ontology is the concept template of structured knowledge base. The knowledge base formed by ontology base not only has strong hierarchical structure, but also has less redundancy.

Knowledge mapArchitectureRefers to the structure of its construction mode, as shown in the following figure:

Simply talk about the knowledge map

Technical architecture

Simply talk about the knowledge map

Application example

1. Maintenance knowledge map

Simply talk about the knowledge map

2. Mathematical knowledge atlas

Simply talk about the knowledge map