Simple practice app “every reading”


It’s not hard to use the knowledge, and it’s not a lot

It’s about consolidating knowledge, understanding the project structure, and so on

Of course, if you like this app, you can also install it on your mobile phone. Once you read it every day, it’s full of literature and art

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Don’t say much. Let’s see the preview of this app first


Simple practice app


At first, in order to satisfy my obsession with the old version of one app, I simply wrote a simple version of one app, a picture, a sentence and a small article every day. After writing it, I think open source and share it with you~

Knowledge points

  • Viewpager and fragment slide switch

  • Use of popupwindow

  • Use of retrofit

  • Use of Picasso

  • Use of SQLite

  • Usage of asynctask

  • Writing method of callback

  • These details are more, less and less. After reading the preview, my friends should have a general understanding ~ don’t continue to list them


  1. API using one = > one-api

  2. API for daily document = > daily document API

  • Thanks for sharing API

  • If I violate the rights and interests of one / daiyiwen, I will delete the relevant contents in time


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  • Don’t look at the app. It’s very simple. Only when it’s written can you know how much egg ache there is. No more, it’s time to raise eggs

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