Simple implementation of PHP object interface


This paper introduces a simple implementation method of PHP object interface. The details are as follows:

Object interface

Using interface, you can specify which methods a class must implement, but you don’t need to define the specific contents of these methods.

The interface is defined by the interface keyword, just like a standard class, but all the methods defined in it are empty.

All methods defined in an interface must be public, which is a feature of the interface.


To implement an interface, use the implements operator. Class must implement all the methods defined in the interface, otherwise a fatal error will be reported. Class can implement multiple interfaces, with a comma to separate the names of multiple interfaces.


When implementing multiple interfaces, methods in an interface cannot have duplicate names.


Interfaces can also be inherited by using the extensions operator.


To implement an interface, a class must use exactly the same way as the method defined in the interface. Otherwise, it will lead to fatal error.



//Declare an 'ITemplate' interface
interface iTemplate
  public function setVariable($name, $var);
  public function getHtml($template);

//Implementation interface
//The following is correct
class Template implements iTemplate
  private $vars = array();
  public function setVariable($name, $var)
    $this->vars[$name] = $var;
  public function getHtml($template)
    foreach($this->vars as $name => $value) {
      $template = str_replace('{' . $name . '}', $value, $template);
    return $template;

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I hope this article is helpful for PHP programming.

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