Simple editing of blog text using typora + markdown syntax


Simple editing of blog text using typora + markdown syntax

!!! be careful!!! The input symbol must be in English!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If it is different, be sure to check whether the input method is in English

Using software typora

Click to jump to the official website of typora


input#+ space

Secondary title

input##+ space

Tertiary title

input###+ space

Four level title

input####+ space

And so on

Display under outliner


Bold font

Enter * * words**

Font Italic

Enter * * * word***

Font bold italic

Enter 3 * + words + 3*

Font strikeout

Enter ~ ~ word~~


Enter > + space

Such as: learning, the future can be expected

Split line

  • The first input is * * * with three * signs

    Second inputThree – number


input!+ [picture name] + (picture path)

!!! be careful!!! The input symbol must be in English!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Picture nameYou can customize the name, which is not necessarily the same as the picture nameCan be left blank

clickSmall folder on the right of the pictureSelect a local picture to select the picture in the file browser in the editor


clickEnter picture pathYou can enter the path of the picture you want to paste on this computer, and finally press enter to paste the picture successfully

For example, enter: C: \ users \ ziqizhang \ appdata \ roaming \ typora \ typera user images \ image.png

The picture name is the picture with PNG suffix of image

!!! Pictures can not only use local pictures, but also use pictures on the network!!!

In this way, when your local file changes, you don’t need to change it

So how to get web picture links?

It’s simple

Find a picture in any web page

Take Chrome browser as an example

  1. Right click when you find the picture
  2. Click Check in the pop-up menu (other browsers may be check elements)
  3. You can see the website

  1. Right click the element to selectcopy link addressThe picture link can be copied successfully

If you enter at the path:


Click to jump to Baidu

Enter [hyperlink name] + (link address)

You can generate a hyperlink and click to jump to Baidu

The source view is as follows

The source view is in the lower left corner of the editor

You can see all the code you write


Ordered list

inputNumber (sequence) +. + space

  1. SpaceA sequence
  2. SpaceTwo sequence

It won’t come out if you press the key3.of

To enter ↓

  1. SpaceA sequence
  2. SpaceTwo sequence carriage return

Unordered list

inputMinus sign + space

  • 1 A
  • 2 B

With the same sequence table, press enter to display the next sequence

Pressing the key will not appear


The first method

Right click directlyInsert table

Select 3 rows and 3 columns (modifiable)

The following table can be generated

Of course, tables can set other things

When the cursor is in the table, there is such a row

The leftmost is used to adjust the tableranksof

To the right is the tableAlignment

Click the three points on the right as follows

of course

The form can still passgrammarinsert

But do you think direct insertion doesn’t smell good?

For details of syntax format, please refer toMarkdown table rookie tutorial syntax format


Enter ` ` ` + language category, such as C Java

Just press enter at last

Enter the code in the code field


int main(){
    printf("HELLLO WORLD!!!");
return 0;

The source view is as follows: