Simple and efficient tool



Simple and efficient tool

Hi, everyone. I’m Nezha, the Little Devil boy. Today, I’ve sorted out a number of resource gadgets from different directions and angles. All of them are artifact. Every tool in them can bring us different experiences and feelings, and can correspondingly improve the efficiency of our work and life, so as to bring us a full sense of happiness.

Help pay attentionLittle Devil boy Nezha, irregularly share technology, tools, life thinking articles, hoping to bring you a different feeling, a little attention, knowledge update can prompt you instantly

If we want to do good work, we must first sharpen our tools. Whether it’s programming, writing articles, learning English, brainstorming, we all need tools. Only by making good use of tools can we put our precious things into more valuable places

Today, we will share the resources from the following parts

  • The platform for blogging
  • Tools for blogging
  • Reading & resource sharing
  • Learning & English resource sharing
  • Music website
  • knowledge & Websites used in blog class
  • Reading & listening website or app
  • Note taking software
  • Online tools
  • Drawing tools and so on

The platform for blogging

  • Brief book
  • Blog Garden
  • CSDN
  • Zhihu
  • Nuggets
  • Do you think about it
  • Open source China
  • official account
  • bilibili
  • Learnku community

Simple and efficient tool

Tools for blogging

  • Typora tools

Used to write markdown documents

Simple and efficient tool

  • Tool combination of drawing bed

Typora tools + Gitee + PicGO + Node . JS, please see my history article for the specific way to build the environment,If you still can't learn, please bring a knife to meet typora + picgo + gitee+ node.js Create a personal efficient, stable and elegant drawing bed

  • Markdown optimization tool

Convert markdown articles into articles adapted to wechat / Zhihu and other platforms that will not render markdown

Simple and efficient tool

Simple and efficient tool

You can also modify the theme of the code, and the preview part can directly simulate the preview on the mobile phone

Simple and efficient tool

  • carbon

Write code here can generate good-looking code image

Simple and efficient tool

  • Index query of the whole network

The number of times a keyword is searched on the Internet

Simple and efficient tool

Reading resources

Simple and efficient tool

study & English

  • Visuwords

    Interesting interactive word learning website, the word through the divergent way, the word involved phrases, verbs, nouns, compound words, etc., listed one by one, very interesting

    Simple and efficient tool

  • University Resource Network — Curriculum Development

  • Field station

    A good website for learning English

  • Microsoft loves writing

    Microsoft love writing is an online tool produced by Microsoft for scoring English test compositions

  • Ten thousand questions cut app


  • The law of bosom friend
  • MyFreeMP3…

Free music resources

Simple and efficient tool

Knowledge & blog

Simple and efficient tool

  • China science popularization network

    Science popularization in China

    Simple and efficient tool

  • Netease cloud classroom
  • Geek College
  • I want to study by myself
  • stackoverflow

Simple and efficient tool

read & Listen to books

  • Hearing artifact (iFLYTEK)
  • Himalayan
  • Reading at ten
  • Reading on the road
  • There are books
  • Fan Deng studies
  • Netease snail reading
  • Wechat listening to books
  • Wechat reading

There are many books and listening channels on WeChat official account. There are many fine works. If you have a pair of eyes you can find, you will find satisfactory resources.

Notes & collaborative software

  • Youdao cloud notes
  • Sparrow
  • Impression notes
  • notion

Foreign software, if the Internet is convenient to use this software is excellent

Simple and efficient tool

  • Graphite documentation
  • Tencent document

Online tools

  • Rookie tools

Rookie tools inside there are many rookie tutorials on development

Simple and efficient tool

  • UU online tools

All kinds of versatile tools

Simple and efficient tool

  • Mikutools – Tools Collection

There are also many free gadgets, and the UI interface is very good

Simple and efficient tool

  • Meng Kun toolbox

Nice UI gadgets, some of which are very similar to the above

Simple and efficient tool

  • kalvinbg

There are face editing, face synthesis tools, other can also see

Simple and efficient tool

  • Love information tool…

Gadgets are very powerful

Simple and efficient tool

  • Online tools

Brief introduction of refreshing tools

Simple and efficient tool

  • Special toolbox

Linux command query tool

Simple and efficient tool

  • Bigpig

Using the latest artificial intelligence deep learning technology – deep convolution neural network. It will add noise and sawtooth parts to achieve lossless image magnification.

Simple and efficient tool

  • TinyPNG

Tinypng is a large image compression without affecting the image quality, so that the image quality and file size to find a perfect balance, can be a good image size compression

Simple and efficient tool

  • the stocks

Various resources and materials tools

Simple and efficient tool

  • Super search

All kinds of network resources search, everything

Simple and efficient tool

  • pexels

Free resource pictures, on demand

Simple and efficient tool

  • Ink knife

Design your own drawings

Simple and efficient tool

drawing tools

  • xmind

Drawing mind maps, I think, is the best one to use

Simple and efficient tool

  • processon

Free online drawing tools, flow charts, etc., but non members only have 9 free maps

Simple and efficient tool

The above is the whole content of this issue. If you have any questions, you can put forward your questions in the comment area or backstage. We will communicate and grow together.

Good guy, if the article has any effect on you, please help to pay attention, share with your friends, share technology, share life, share knowledge, share happiness

Technology is open, and our mentality should be even more open. Embrace change, live in the sun, and strive to move forward.

Author: Little Devil boy Nezha

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