Silver Valentine’s day, celebrate the festival with the easy-to-use tcallusdb database!


Roman Roland said that love is the flame of life; Tagore said that love is a full life, just like a glass full of wine. Love warms the body and mind and resists the cold. It is a light for a person to explore in the dark. Because of love, so happy; Because of being loved, so happy.

Most people know that February 14 is Western Valentine’s day, and July 7 of the lunar calendar is Chinese Valentine’s day, but do you know that July 14 is silver day?

Silver Valentine’s Day is a good opportunity to take your lover home and give your family and friends a chance to get to know each other. Silver Valentine’s Day is also a small festival for lovers to give each other silver gifts and accessories. It is a sweet witness.

It’s the most beautiful July day in the world. While meeting your lover, maybe you also want to know our easy-to-use tcallusdb database?

Tcallusdb is a distributed NoSQL database specially designed for games. As a part of Tencent cloud database service, it provides customers with the ultimate game data experience. At present, it has provided stable data storage services for tens of millions of dau masterpieces such as king’s glory, crossing the line of fire and Naruto. Relying on the infrastructure service nodes of Tencent cloud in five continents (Asia, Europe, North America, South America and Oceania), game developers only need to access it once to facilitate the global game user experience.

Function and architecture

As shown in the figure above, tcallusdb adopts the master slave mode by default. The master is responsible for reading and writing user requests, and the slave acts as a hot standby node. When there is a sudden increase in QPS, the read-write shunt will be automatically opened, that is, the master will undertake the write operation, and the slave will undertake the read operation until the background capacity expansion is completed. This design ensures the stability of read-write requests.

At the same time, tcallusdb adopts the mixed deployment of memory and efficient SSD cloud disk, which can meet the needs of fast data reading and writing and persistent storage at the same time; For relational database users, tcallusdb provides an SQL like command line tool tcallus client, which allows users to seamlessly switch and execute CRUD operations; Tcallusdb supports a single table size of up to 2.56pb. Users do not need to worry about the slow query loading caused by the large table file, and will not reduce the query efficiency.

Management and operation and maintenance
Tcallusdb improves customer service perception and overall service level through the standardization of service capability. The main service standardization contents are as follows:

At the same time, with the diversification of database functions and the increasingly complex operation and maintenance environment, operation and maintenance security becomes more and more important

Tcallusdb has an independent operation and maintenance platform and a perfect operation and maintenance guidance system. At the same time, tcallusdb’s technical support teams distributed in many places provide 7 * 24-hour technical support services for products to ensure the smooth progress of customer operation and maintenance.

Data security
In order to ensure data security and improve the disaster tolerance capability of the system, tcallusdb supports two ways of data backup: full data file cold backup, which is carried out regularly every day. After the table is created, there is a script to backup and store the data file automatically, and the storage cycle of full backup file is long; The other is incremental backup, which is mainly based on the binlog of tcallusdb and is backed up automatically. The combination of the two backup methods ensures the ability of rapid recovery through backup during system exceptions.

At the same time, tcallusdb has also made great efforts in these aspects to ensure the data security of customers in an all-round way.

Data disaster recovery: cluster master-slave nodes are mainly deployed across IDC in the same city (or across racks and floors, and the synchronization delay of master-slave nodes is very short). Binlog is automatically backed up and cold standby is available every day; Each module of the whole cluster is upgraded and expanded without loss, and the user service is not perceived;

Data consistency: master-slave data are synchronized in real time, and req / ack mechanism is adopted to ensure complete data consistency; During master-slave switching, the master-slave data will be confirmed to be consistent before switching; In case of failure, data recovery is based on cold standby + binlog pipeline reconstruction to ensure data integrity; The master-slave data will be checked periodically for consistency, and there is an exception repair mechanism; At the user request level, judge whether the data operation is normal according to the response code of real-time feedback;

Data content security: Data landing CRC verification, tamper proof; The data file is compressed by Google snappy, and the data will be serialized and deserialized after reading, writing, compression or decompression. Even if the data file is hijacked, the data content cannot be parsed;

Access security: integrate Tencent cloud user rights management system cam; The background of tcallusdb supports access based on IP white list, that is, specify the IP client to read and write tcallusdb data; Password authentication is required for data interaction in the form group, and all user operations have audit logs;

External compliance: in the past, tcallusdb has been striving for the compliance of the system. At present, tcallusdb has obtained MTCs certification, CSA star cloud computing security assessment, kisms security certification, ISO information security management system certification and other certificates, trying to broaden the database security channel for Chinese enterprises to go to sea..

In this life, may someone stand with you at dusk, someone ask you if your porridge can be warm, and someone accompany you through the long years.

In this life, I would like to have years to look back and share my white head with deep feelings!

Silver Valentine’s day, celebrate with tcallusdb!

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