Significance and application method of using DOS batch file


A file with the suffix bat is a batch file, which is a text file. In short, its function is to automatically execute multiple commands continuously, and the contents of batch files are commands one by one. What’s the use of it?  

For example, when starting WPS software, it must be executed every time

  C:\>cd wps 

Do you find it troublesome to perform this before using WPS every time?  

If there is a method that only needs to write a batch file, it will automatically execute all the commands just now. Do you want to learn?  

After reading this section, you will be surprised when the first batch file you wrote is executed smoothly.  

In addition, the computer looks for Autoexec every time it starts Bat is a batch file, which can execute some commands to be executed every time you start up, such as setting path, loading mouse driver mouse, disk acceleration smartdrv, etc., which can truly automate your computer.