Showdoc v2.7.0 release, it team’s online API documents, technical documentation tools


This version mainly updates:

Images and attachments can be set in the management background and uploaded to alicloud or qiniu cloud

Fixed a security vulnerability in uploading files

Three buttons are added to the editor. The corresponding functions are TOC, video and image center

Keep the preview effect of the editor consistent with the actual style, and optimize the markdown rendering style

Add batch allocation project to team function

New team transfer function

Minor updates included in this release:

Fixed a single page sharing address bug

Change shared page title to page title

Access password page for enter key support

The editor initializes with the toolbar at the top of the page

Fixed element alignment problem in card page

Fixed missing line breaks in code blocks

Solve the hidden bug when the title is too long

Please refer to the upgrade and installation section of the manual for the update steps id=13732

For a detailed introduction to showdoc, please see: