Shortcuts that Ubuntu users should know


No matter what operating system or software we use, shortcut keys are very useful, because they can start applications or jump to the required window, and can quickly carry out many operations without moving the mouse to click everywhere, saving time and energy and improving efficiency.

Just like in windows, Ubuntu also has some hotkeys that can be used as shortcuts to make some operations simple. This time, let’s learn some convenient keyboard shortcuts for Ubuntu to improve work efficiency.

1) Use the super key (Windows key)

WindowsKeys are called keys in UNIX systemsSuper key (Super Key), just press the super key to open the search box shown in the figure below.

Shortcuts that Ubuntu users should know

To search for an application, simply enter the name of the application and click the icon of the application (or use the arrow key to move to the corresponding application).

Shortcuts that Ubuntu users should know

What if you have many windows open now and want a global preview? have access toSuper keyView all started applications at once, as shown below.

Shortcuts that Ubuntu users should know

2) Start the terminal using the shortcut keys

Another convenient shortcut is the terminal shortcut. You can use simple Ubuntu keyboard shortcutsCTRL + ALT + TStart the terminal. This is one of the simplest shortcuts to start the terminal in the shortest time.

Shortcuts that Ubuntu users should know

3) Lock screen

Just like in windows, to lock the screen, just pressSuper key + LorCTRL + ALT + L。 This method is more convenient and faster than choosing the option to lock the screen in the upper right corner.

4) Show desktop when multiple windows are open

Sometimes you need to minimize all windows and return to the desktop when multiple windows have been opened. You just pressSuper key + DOr pressCTRL + ALT + DKey to minimize all active windows, leaving only the desktop.

5) Launch application menu

Usually, Ubuntu 18.04 comes with GNOME desktop environment. We can click the button composed of a group of points in the lower left corner to display the application menu. But the operation speed must be slower than the shortcut key. The shortcut key for this operation isSuper key + A

Shortcuts that Ubuntu users should know

6) Switch between running applications

In some cases, you may open multiple applications. To easily switch between apps, you can useSuper key + TaborAlt + Tab。 When using, press and hold the super key, and click tab to switch between applications. After selecting the desired application, release two more keys.

Shortcuts that Ubuntu users should know

7) Switch notification tray

The Gnome interface on Ubuntu 18.04 comes with a notification tray that you can access by clicking the date on the top bar. Some recent events of the application can be viewed on the tray. To open the notification tray, simply pressSuper key + M。 In addition, you can pressSuper key + VTo switch various notifications.

Shortcuts that Ubuntu users should know

8) Paste window

Just like in the windows operating system, you can align the application window to the left or right so that the application window eventually occupies half of the screen on the left or right. To align to the right, pressSuper key + right arrowSimilarly, to align the application to the left, clickSuper key + left arrowJust.

Shortcuts that Ubuntu users should know

9) Switching between workspaces

If you have multiple workspaces open, you can clickCTRL + Alt + up arroworCTRL + Alt + down arrowEasily switch between workspaces.

Shortcuts that Ubuntu users should know

10) Quick run command

If you only run the command without accessing the terminal, just pressAlt F2Key. This will launch the console text box, prompting you to enter commands. If you want to launch an application, such as the Firefox browser, you can enter the application name and press enter.

Shortcuts that Ubuntu users should know

11) Write off

If you want to log out, just press on the keyboardCTRL + ALT + DEL。 If there is an open application, you will be prompted whether you want to log out. If you don’t want to log out for the time being, just clickCancelJust press the button. If you want to continue logging out, clickLog Out

Shortcuts that Ubuntu users should know

12) Close a window

There are many ways to close running applications in Ubuntu, one of which is the same as on windowsAlt + F4。 In addition, you can also useCTRL + QTo terminate an application.

Customize keyboard shortcuts

Ubuntu keyboard shortcuts are more than these, and more shortcuts are waiting for you to explore. In addition, you can create your own custom shortcuts. The method is also simple. You just clickSettings > Devices > Keyboard, then a list of all keyboard shortcuts is displayed. If you want to customize your shortcut keys, scroll down and click the plus button (+) shown below.

Shortcuts that Ubuntu users should know

Next, enter the name of the shortcut and the corresponding Ubuntu keyboard shortcut command. Then click set shortcut to set a shortcut, and then click the Add button in the upper right corner of the pop-up window to add it.

Shortcuts that Ubuntu users should know

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