Shen Jian, CTO of kuaigou Taxi: strive not to betray, and enterprises that undertake social responsibility have a higher chance of winning


Shen Jian, CTO of kuaigou Taxi: strive not to betray, and enterprises that undertake social responsibility have a higher chance of winning
Shen Jian, CTO of kuaigou taxi, head of technology center of Jiajia group.

It is said that choice is greater than effort. In fact, people who have worked hard to a certain extent are qualified to choose life.


Failed in finance, politics and law in central and southern China

What is the choice if efforts are not in place

Science and technology innovator (hereinafter referred to as “branch”):What was the first node that changed your life direction?

Shen Jian (hereinafter referred to as Shen): in the college entrance examination, I applied for Zhongnan finance and economics, politics and law, but I failed.

Department:…… An unexpected opening.

Shen: I’m from Hunan Province. I’m famous in China for the fierce college entrance examination. My score is more than 20 points higher than that of the key undergraduate course, but I still lost it. After a year’s retraining, I worked very hard. I went to a special school,I listen to the radio and do morning exercises at 5:30 in the morning. I only have half a day off a week,I can play ball for a while to exercise my physical strength. I live 50 meters away from the school gate, a whole year of life in this 50 meters.

The result is not bad. I was admitted to the computer department of Huazhong University of science and technology. After a year’s hard work, it didn’t matter what 996 or overtime I met at work (laughter).

Department:Why has the volunteer changed from finance, politics and law to computer science?

Shen: This is a turning point in my life. I chose finance and politics first because I have been doing well in Chinese and English. I have been writing official account since I love writing. The reason for the change was that at that age, I didn’t think so much about it. I just thought that computer science might be a better way to find a job.

Department:In the world, there is less a good lawyer and more an IT talent.

Shen: I don’t dare to be a hard worker,I think it’s very important to work hard in the process of people’s growth. Only with efforts can we have the right to choose.Just at that time, the company was full of more talented and hardworking colleagues than you. What can you do? I set a goal for myself to be an hour later than my colleagues who work late. To be honest, there are too many intelligent and talented friends in the IT industry. All you can do is try your best.

Department:How long did “one more hour later” last?

Shen: a colleague’s home is ten minutes’ walk from the company, so

Department:Turn the page.


Love > Tencent offer

In the face of changes, you should first stabilize your mind

Department:Your first job was in Baidu? Have you set some standards for yourself when looking for a job?

Shen: the company is better and the salary is higher. There is only one hard indicator. I have to go to Beijing because my girlfriend was studying in Beijing at that time. She studied better than me. I guaranteed to study in our school and she went to the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Department:The love of Xueba people

Shen: (proud smile) some things happened in the process of looking for a job. I was the first one in our class to receive the pre employment notice. In May 2008, I got the offer of Tencent internship. Later, I joined the summer camp and got the employment notice from Beijing Tencent Research Institute. As a result of the financial crisis in the second half of the year, major companies downsized. Tencent called to say that the research institute could not go. I feel that you are still good. Would you like to come to Shenzhen? It was a big blow to me. After I got the pre employment notice, I had been helping other students with their employment. In the end, everyone found a good job, and I had to start again. What’s more terrible is that the recruitment window has been missed, and the mentality is a bit broken, which leads to repeated failures, even more anxiety than the failure of the college entrance examination.

The chance of life is luck and misfortune. Before the national day of 2008, Baidu came to our school to recruit. Robin Li personally told me that I had an innovative search department. More than a month later, I received a phone call and basically confirmed to me. This state of mind stable, waiting for the official notice of that period also tried to interview several times, the success rate is very high.

Department:From the point of view of the interview, you are greatly influenced by your mentality?

Shen: it should be said that looking for a job left two impressions on my life. The first is that I have a bad impression on Tencent (laughter),Second, you should keep your mind level when you encounter anything. If you are not in a good mood, your ability to cope with emergencies will be greatly affected.


Job hopping 58 same city

Paranoid about down-to-earth security

Section: YesHow about Baidu’s work experience?

Shen: very good. During the period of 2008 and 2009, it newcomers will be able to learn technology and do architecture in Baidu, which will be greatly improved. At that time, baidu was a typical technology driven enterprise. Only after entering Baidu did you know what it means to be better than you. What you can do is to focus on your work and study hard.I mentioned the one who didn’t work overtime,He is a member of our technical committeeBaidu has a “little master” system, he gave me more help than little master

With the advice of friends like this, I can work harder and get off work at one or two o’clock in the middle of the night every day.

Department:What was the specific product you were responsible for at that time?

Shen: instant messaging tool of BaiduBaiduHi In the past two years, I have completed the accumulation of technical foundation, including back-end, server-side, architecture, products Although it is difficult to describe this im product with success now, it also achieved millions of users online at the same time in those years, which posed great challenges to the various modules of the architecture.

There was a change in 2010. Baidu decided to set up a new product, Im tool of mobile terminal, benchmarking KIK (there was no wechat at that time), and the tentative internal product name I remember wasexpress letter。 The whole Baidu Hi team has moved in the past,canHere comes the problem: product positioning, form, development direction We have been discussing these things for more than half a year without any results.I think this decision is too slow, now everyone will do it first and then iterate, but Baidu used to think things out first.

Department:Is this the reason why you left Baidu?

Shen: Yes. Looking back, it also has something to do with my life experience. It may be that the psychological scar of being pigeoned by Tencent is too deep (laughter),I always hope that I can do down-to-earth things, foot solid heart can be down-to-earth, there is a focus on the possibility of efforts.At that time, 58 city also wanted to make an instant messaging product, so I changed my employer. That year, it was only when I saw the advertisement that 58 was in the same city, a magical website, and I knew Yang Mi.

Department:58’s business scale is very large and famous. Is there any pressure on the architecture?

Shen: I always say one word,The framework that separates itself from the business is to play rogue,Only by contacting more businesses can we accumulate more architectural experience, solve more practical problems and create more value for the company.In fact, this is a very rare experience. In 2012, I joined the technical committee of the same city and officially became an architect. I have done several different business architecture work.

Participating in different projects can not only help you learn more about the business, but also have the opportunity to work with all kinds of outstanding people and learn from them closely.At the end of 2014, the 58 second-hand (transfer predecessor) project was set up. Sun Xuan and I, now the chief architect of the transfer, spent several weeks to work out the architecture. At that time, I discussed with sun Xuan that “our architecture design should support millions of users”, which is a new business that has not yet started. This judgment can be said to have both ambition and pattern.It’s great to work with great people. It’s not like we can do whatever we can.

Shen Jian, CTO of kuaigou Taxi: strive not to betray, and enterprises that undertake social responsibility have a higher chance of winning


From technician to manager

From finding the right method to finding the right problem

Tips-58…… What?

·58 city wide: established in 2005 and listed in 2013, it provides free classified information service.

·58 homeEstablished in 2014, 58 invested in the same city, focusing on standardized home service.

·Quick Dog Taxi(original 58 express): 58 to the subsidiary company, the same city short distance freight platform.

Department:How long has continuous involvement in the new business architecture continued?

Shen: then there were some changes: after about three quarters of incubation, when the project was launched at 58, Chen Xiaohua (CEO of 58 Jiajia) asked me whether I would like to go. I said that the company felt that I could play a greater value and I would go. At that time, I didn’t know that Jiajia had become an independent company. Finally, I went through a process of leaving and joining the company, which was different from what I thought (laughter); I took up my post in September 2015 and built a comprehensive technical system of 58 families, which was a big picture by 2017; then came express transportation, which is today’s fast dog, and has been busy until now.

Department:What challenges did you encounter at home in 58?

Shen: very careful in reckoning, the biggest challenge at the beginning is the resource problem. When the 58 cities are in the same place, the resources support is very awesome. They want people to give people and servers to the servers. But they are a start-up company and they are careful in their calculations. Secondly, the technical points of the city and the home are totally different.The same city is an information platform, and the core problem is large amount of data and high concurrency,And home is a trading platform, security, stability is the core issueThird, start a business quickly. You don’t have time to make a cool thing for you. Do something useful quickly. In my impression, the first thing we did was the monitoring system. At that time, it was impossible to build a monitoring platform for five people for half a year. We could only spend two weeks to solve the most prominent problems and ensure the scalability, and then we would like to think about how to make it easy to use, how to platform and how to automate.

Department:Looking back on your whole career, what do you think is the most difficult one?

Shen: (pondering for 15 seconds) in terms of transformation management, no matter how difficult and stressful other things are, you can solve your own problems,We’ll have to work hard.But management is not. To make the whole team successful, everything from working methods to the distribution of personal energy will be completely overturned.

Department:What are the difficulties?

Shen: it’s very difficult from 0 to 1,There are inherent difficulties in the management of technical personnel transfer: technical personnel have less opportunities to communicate with people frequently, and the handling requirements of comprehensive problems are not so high.However, it is necessary to transfer technical personnel to management, and technical insight is a necessary condition for technical management.

At the beginning, I was very painful when I was a manager. I was angry when I saw the staff working. What do you want to do by yourself? But how many people can you do? Five? 10? What do you do with a team of 100 people? Therefore, from front-line staff to front-line management, we should first learn to find methods to help the team progress together.

When the rank is higher, the perspective will be different. First line management is also the work of receiving orders, but the second line management is the person who orders: who should do what should not be done, who should do it first and then. This stage is the biggest challenge for me,I am a hard-working person. When I encounter problems, I should first review whether I am not diligent enough. However, at this stage, efforts are not the main contradiction,Even finding methods is not the most important thing. The most important thing is to find problems and make accurate judgments.

For example, fast Dog Taxi into the same city freight market, relying on sales and capital investment, can not solve the industry’s pain point. First of all, we should analyze the specific problem: why do drivers charge so much? Why is it troublesome for users to call a car? This is what senior technical managers need to understand and must understand business pain points.


58 series & fast Dog Taxi

The cause of Jide is worth fighting to the end

Department:We have cut into the company’s publicity smoothly and without any trace. We have two questions to ask. First of all, the renaming of kuaigou taxi has caused some disputes. What do you think of it personally?

Shen: kugou and Feizhu can be accepted by everyone. I don’t think it’s out of the ordinary for kuaigou. Besides, there is a detail here. We merged with gogovan, a local freight and logistics platform. Fastdog is actually its Chinese name.

Department:Secondly, as a CTO, can you share the experience of technical managers participating in specific business?

Shen: I thinkThe higher the technical managers go, the more they need to integrate with the business,In my opinion, fastdog’s technology and business have been integrated into one, such as dispatch strategy and subsidy strategy. These technical means themselves are important parts of the business. What’s more, you need to know the user. The user is not only the customer who issues the bill, but also the driver. What does the driver need? In the final analysis, the most important thing drivers need is to have a single pick-up. Only when they receive more orders can they reduce their single quotation and make them support their life through struggle.

Speaking of this, I’ve been home for so long,I think what we do is a good thing,I know that there are several families, the husband is in the fast dog pulling goods, the wife is at home to do housekeeping services, the family income comes from home.This isThe values of our enterprise are to solve employment problems for millions of people and serve hundreds of millions of families,It not only provides jobs and income, but also provides family services. Especially, aging is happening at a visible speed. Domestic service will provide more support for middle-aged families and solve their worries.

This is a very good track, which is related to the national economy and people’s livelihood. It is worth all in.This road will surely give birth to great enterprises, even if not us.

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