Sharing computer tips: Tips for using right-click menu function


Usually we deal with files by clicking the window menu or toolbar icon. However, these methods either need to be searched many times or can’t be found without setting on the toolbar. In fact, the most convenient operation is to use the right-click menu.


A good software, to see if its design is humanized, that is to do what functions are needed, exactly what functions can be called out. If you can’t find out where to operate in half a day when you need a function, it can only indicate that there is a problem in the design, rather than that the user is stupid. This is the case with the right-click menu. Fortunately, the right-click menu can also be customized. If there are no functions in the right-click menu, you can also add the right-click menu items by installing plug-ins, modifying the registry and other methods.

Right click menu control system

In Windows 10 system, the control system is not connected to the system“Set up”The most convenient way to find items under the menu is to use the right-click menu. Try to be “start”Right click the button to see that all the functions of system control are centralized here. Enter by class, why can’t you find the system control function you need (Figure 7-1)?

In addition to the start button’s right-click menu, the“This computer”Two system control projects are also available when you right-click. One is “Administration”Item, the other is“attribute”(Figure 7-2). Among them, “management” includes system tools, disk management and services, application management and other major projects. And “attribute”Item, you can control system equipment, remote control, system protection, advanced memory and performance management.

Right click menu management file

In the aspect of file management, if you can make good use of the right-click menu and discard the traditional window menu or toolbar to choose operation, you will also greatly improve the operation efficiency. In addition to basic file creation, copy, deletion, rename and other operations, we can also transfer many functions related to file operation to the right-click menu. After the third-party anti-virus software is installed in the system, if you want to use the defender security software of windows 10 to perform security scanning on folders or files, you can turn on the right-click menu function of the software, directly through the file right-click menu“Scan with Windows Defender”Come and find out. If you often use mobile devices to view or process files in the cloud, you can easily upload local files to the cloud by opening and using the right-click menu related to the cloud on the PC. For example, “Upload to Youdao cloud notes””Upload to WPS cloud document”“Upload to Baidu cloud””Save to 360 cloud disk” is very convenient (Figure 7-3).

Right click menu processing file

In addition to file management, in file processing, it is much more efficient to use the right-click menu to call instead of opening the document after opening the application. After the application software supporting the right-click operation function is installed, the file can be processed directly through the right-click menu. For example, after installing emeditor software, right-click the txt file or program source code file, and directly open the document through the “emeditor” menu item; after installing the xnshell plug-in, right-click the picture to directly complete the picture preview, photo rotation, file format conversion and other operations; after installing the compression software (such as good pressure, WinRAR, etc.) that supports right-click operation, it will not be opened The compression software can directly compress or decompress files by right clicking (Figure 7-4).


Items in the right-click menu are not immutable. They can be defined by users. Through the glary utilities Pro software we introduced earlier, select“Clean and repair → right click menu management”, you can increase or decrease or modify the right-click menu items as needed.