Share “desktop version” of open source markdown editor mditor



Simple explanation

With the release of Desktop Edition, there are currently two versions of mditor:

  • It can be embedded into the embedded version of any web application, which is the basis of a desktop version. Repo:

  • Independent desktop version, currently only available for Mac, homepage:, repo:

Correlation characteristics

In addition to the normal editing functions, the Desktop Edition of mditor has the following features

  • Mditor desktop is a “multi window” application. Multiple window instances can be opened through “menu, dock, right-click menu” for multiple editing

  • Support GFM, such as tables (GFM is a pure text writing format based on markdown developed by GitHub)

  • Automatic completion. Mditor supports automatic completion of “unordered list, ordered list and reference” to assist input.

  • Code highlighting support for multiple editing languages (via`Grammar)

  • Split screen real-time preview, full screen preview

  • Export HTML, PDF, image and other functions.


Welcome to participate

  • If you have any questions or suggestions, you can directly issue

  • Of course, you can also directly send a pull request to mditor

  • Welcome to add a star to mditor directly. This will be a good encouragement for midior, and it will become a driving force.

Follow up plan

  • Multilingual support

  • Flow chart and mathematical formula support

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