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JrkBlog_ Tp6.0 easy blog – you deserve it

Project introduction

Jrkblog blog is based on yfcmf background development

Improve the following functions:

Phpquerylist data collection,
Phpword exports a word document,
Practical and easy-to-use API interface,
Upload OSS, cos and other cloud pictures,
Jpush Aurora push,
Bulk mail sending, multilingualism,
Flexibly enable Google verification code verification.

Navigation column

| Official website address
| Tp6 Development Manual
| The server

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Installing using Git

git clone

1. The SQL file is under the data folder

2. Modify the database configuration in. Env

3. Database import SQL

4. Override account password: jrkblog jrkblog

5. Configure pseudo static
6. Background – system settings – General Settings – site configuration

Pseudo static configuration

location / {
   if (!-e $request_filename){
      rewrite  ^(.*)$  /index.php?s=$1  last;   break;

Demo address

Recommended environment

Nginx + php7.1 (+) + MySQL is recommended

Project screenshot

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