Share a most basic and practical development process


The “development process” is often different in different product projects and enterprises of different sizes. There are waterfall and agility,But the most basic development process should be as shown in the figure. It is also the simplest and easiest to operate, with the highest recognition

Share a most basic and practical development process

If you practice this process, you are more rigid in front of the father of Party A. Often we are in another painful process: a proposed to the operation and maintenance or development, today and tomorrow, overtime implementation, a change needs, overtime modification… A does not know what he wants, after the development, a knows what he does not want.

There are only 10 steps in the above process, which is easy to practice:

1. First of all, according to the needs of customers, work experience, reference to friends and other ways, YY gives some product requirements, formingprototype, get internal review, mainlyLeading the product marketreview

2. After passing the review, it will be launchedRD、QA、UIWhen the R & D front-end and test father review again, the product re review needs to be conducted when the review results change greatly.

3. The multi-party review can start when the demand changes slightlyTechnical solutions, UE, QA test casesDesign.

4. After the design is completed, parallel review will be conducted in all directions. For UE design, UI design, Fe front-end development. Main back-end technical reviewR & D leaders conduct internal review.

5. After the scheme is determinedScheduling。 QA schedule based on RD schedule.

6. After the construction period schedule comes out, you can prepare to work overtime, define interface (or mock), swagger, knife4j and other interface documents in the back-end and back-endConcurrent developmentIn the endJoint debugging and self-test.

7. After the development self-test is completed, carry outCodeReviewAccording to the business, the staff in the groupCode hierarchy, design pattern rationality, etcDifferent optimization suggestions are given.

8. Inform the test father to start. If necessary, perform function demonstration (based on prototype development, generally not necessary), and modify and optimize according to test feedback.

9. After the father nods, pull the PMFirst acceptance。 Launch planBacktesting

10. After online test, Dad nods again. Congratulations, you can start to add the next class


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