Several ways to view hidden partitions in computer disks


Sometimes we may find that the actual displayed disk capacity in the computer is smaller than the marked disk capacity. In this case, it is likely that the computer disk contains hidden partitions. Most brand computers will have a hidden partition when they leave the factory. So, how do we check whether the computer disk contains hidden partitions?

1. Run command prompt as administrator;

2. Input diskpart.exe And enter to enter disk management;

3. Enter list disk and press enter to display the disk connected to the computer;

4. Enter select disk 0 (0 is the disk number you want to view) and press enter to select the disk;

5. Enter list partition and press enter to display all partitions of the selected disk. If a partition cannot be displayed in the resource manager, it means that the partition is hidden. You can also judge it according to the size of the partition.

The above is in the computer to view the hidden disk partition method, friends in need can refer to see.