Several methods of repairing Server Replication function


Apply for a service in the cloud, but suddenly yesterday it was impossible to copy and paste. It used to be all right.
Direct use of IIS7 server monitoring tools to repair:

Several methods of repairing Server Replication function

The process of dpclip.exe is responsible for remote copy and paste. It is estimated that something is wrong with the process.
So close rdpclip.exe, run rdpclip.exe again, and everything is back to normal.
Operation steps:
Open the task manager on the server and view the process. There are rdpclip.exe processes. Typically, as long as the process exists, text can be pasted between the local machine and the remote server.
Close the process, and then start – > Run – > rdpclip.exe to rerun the program and return to normal.

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