Several advantages of wechat mall, mobile website and app


At present, the mainstream systems are composed of iPhone and Android, and the others are Symbian, research in motion, windows mobile, etc. the occupancy rate of the latter three types is very small, which can be ignored if there are no special development needs.

1. Accuracy
Most apps will provide the function of sharing to social networking sites such as microblog and Renren to gather target groups with similar interests. At the same time, app can also identify users’ interests and habits by collecting mobile phone system information, location information, behavior information, etc. For example, by identifying the model and system of a mobile phone and distinguishing whether it is a business machine or a music machine, you can estimate the income level and interests of users; you can identify the pages users often see, analyze their behavior habits, and then push the promotion information of enterprises.

Several advantages of wechat mall, mobile website and app

2. Interactivity
App provides more colorful forms of expression than previous media. The touch screen of mobile devices has a very good operation experience. It has all kinds of characters, pictures and videos, which has achieved an unprecedented interactive experience. Moreover, the app also opens the interaction channel between people. By embedding SNS, comments, messages and other functions in the internal, users who are using the same app can communicate with each other, and enhance the brand loyalty of users in the interaction and word-of-mouth communication.

3. Strong user stickiness
No matter where modern people go, they always use their mobile phones to play whenever they have time, even when they go to the toilet. App marketing is to seize the user’s scattered time. Moreover, as long as the user does not take the initiative to delete, the app will always stay in the user’s mobile phone, and the brand will have the opportunity to repeat and deepen the impression of users.

4. Cross time and space
The ultimate goal of marketing is to occupy market share. App has the characteristics of information exchange with overload of time and space constraints, which makes it possible to conclude transactions without space-time constraints. Enterprises can have more time and more space for marketing, and can provide global marketing services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Wechat mall is a comprehensive product integrating social platform, APP mall platform, chat platform and website information platform

1. The value of wechat mall
Wechat is an independent system, which means it only belongs to itself. Compared with Jingdong stores and Taobao tmall, the independent mall has a lot of restrictions. Enterprises can personalize according to their own needs and reduce the dependence on the store opening platform. Wechat now has 800 million users, and the value of mobile is equivalent to having reliable traffic. Flow can help enterprises to make profits. And the wechat mall can be easily laid out and offline, so the establishment of wechat mall has great potential.

Several advantages of wechat mall, mobile website and app

2. Wechat mall can make better use of fragmentation time
Unlike PC mall, wechat mall only needs to push relevant preferential information, and wechat will pop up in the form of conversation box. Users can see the promotion activities of wechat mall when they open wechat. Open the entrance quickly, combined with wechat payment, convenient for users to purchase. Users can place orders anytime and anywhere, no matter at any time.

3. Wechat mall can connect with other systems
The database of wechat mall can be connected with app, PC e-commerce platform and other mall systems. It can synchronize the data, and wechat can also connect with the internal system of the enterprise. Wechat mall fully realizes offline store management, order management, goods management and personalized interface.

Mobile website

1. Save cost, provide instant business information, catalog, advertising and marketing content. By putting the information on the mobile phone website, not only can it be “published” immediately, but also it can be updated and corrected at any time, saving time and effort, and saving a lot of manpower and printing expenses. Advertising marketing cost is low, and the recovery rate is high. Compared with other advertising media, the cost of mobile website is very low. Reduce the company’s “pre-sale inquiry” and “after-sales service” operating costs. It can integrate advertising marketing with ordering, and promote purchase intention. It will not conflict or duplicate with other traditional commercial media and reduce waste.

Several advantages of wechat mall, mobile website and app

2. Multi port access enterprises build their own mobile websites on mobile phones, which can show the enterprise’s demeanor, spread the corporate culture, establish the corporate image, and improve the visibility of the enterprise. Through the mobile website, enterprises can introduce the basic information of the enterprise, so that dealers and users can know more about your existence; they can publicize the advantages of your products and services, so that dealers and users can understand you, approach you and choose you in comparison; enterprise employees can quickly understand the company’s dynamics by using the mobile website, so as to facilitate the external communication of various information and seek cooperation Resources and opportunities for cooperation.

3. To improve the competitive advantage of enterprises, the mobile website information system is a window to display enterprise products and culture, and a quick way to release enterprise information. Internet access through mobile phone can make the internal and external communication of employees more smooth, obtain more and more detailed information, enhance the information security of enterprises, and greatly improve the satisfaction of users to their services.

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