Seven key factors of user conversion rate, rapid progress is no longer a dream


Every website faces huge traffic every day, but traffic is not equal to the final profit. Every website must optimize services, make clear decisions and obtain higher profits by improving the conversion rate. So what factors are related to the increase in conversion rate?

Factors Affecting Conversion Rates

The factors that affect the conversion rate of websites are not the same, and the factors between different websites are also different, but there are still traces to follow. In summary, there are seven key factors to improve the conversion rate:

First, the visual effect of the main page, because the first thing you see is the main page, so the main page must be eye-catching, grab people’s attention and eyes, and make them interested in these.

Second, comprehensive ratings and evaluations. People will naturally look at other people’s evaluations and experiences while browsing, and further deepen their own understanding by understanding some opinions and insights of other people.

Thirdly, the price. The price factor is actually very important. Everyone likes things with high cost performance, so we must not be sloppy in terms of price. consider carefully.

Fourth, sales volume. Sales volume is actually very telling. Sales volume can express a lot of information. This is crucial and cannot be sloppy.

Fifth, quality, no matter what it is, quality must be highlighted, only good quality will be liked and trusted by people, and people will pay more attention to good quality.

Sixth, service, service is very important, especially service attitude, your attitude determines the height you can reach, if your service and attitude are not satisfactory, then who will pay attention to you.

Seventh, tools, Shareinstall is actually an APP promotion tool. APP developers can promote products more accurately through Shareinstall. In addition, Shareinstall is also a channel statistics tool that can comprehensively analyze channel promotion effects.

To sum up, mastering the analysis of the seven factors that increase the conversion rate can make the work of website conversion rate improvement handy. As long as you do every step carefully, think and explore repeatedly, and do your best to make these things to the extreme, then you will have mastered the seven key factors to improve the conversion rate, and the rapid conversion rate is no longer a dream.