Seven editors for web developers


Editor’s note: the tool selected in this article comes from7 Awesome Markdown Editors for Web Developersand5 Cross-Platform Editors for Web Developers

Recently, I saw two articles introducing several web development editors andMarkdownEditors, especially some new tools across platforms, are recommended(well, I admit it’s mainly recommended for Ubuntu / Linux users)

Markdown editor

The original collection of seven editors, including Mac usersMouSeeAn interview with Luo Chen, the author of geek Park, and windows usersMarkdownPadAlso known as a high-profile products, and very suitable for beginners, here is not a detailed discussion.


MarkPadIt is an open source markdown editor with a harmonious and friendly interface with window 8 style. You can open and save documents directly in your blog or GitHub, and paste pictures into markdown documents directly.

Seven editors for web developers


MdharmCan run windows and Linux platform wiki editor, supportMarkdown extraandMultiMarkdown, you can export HTML / PDF / ODT, and you can customize the style through CSS.

Seven editors for web developers


ResophNotesIt can be used as a note tool under windows, mainly through markdown and shortcut keys to improve the convenience of writing. It can also cooperatesimplenoteRealize IOS device synchronization function.

Seven editors for web developers


TextsIn addition to supporting windows and Mac OS X, it also includes IOS systems. The most important feature is the WYSIWYG markdown editing mode. In addition, mathematical formulas are supported.

Seven editors for web developers


HaroopadIt is an editor covering three major desktop systems, supporting windows, Mac OS X and Linux. The theme style is rich, syntax is highlighted, and 54 programming languages are supported. Its mail export function can send documents to Tumblr and Evernote. This product was developed by a Korean, and some help documents on the website are also in Korean.

This tool mainly recommendsUbuntu/Linux users can say goodbye from now ongeditAdd the markdown plug-in to work in this way(ReTextIt’s also a markdown editor for Linux, but it’s not easy to use).

Seven editors for web developers

Web Development Editor

This paper introduces five cross platform tools, three of themSublime TextEclipseIntelliJ IDEAThey are all well-known, so I won’t say much here. Focus onBracketsandLight Table


Brackets is an open source cross platform editor produced by adobe. It can quickly edit CSS classes and JavaScript functions, and implement live preview function with chrome. In addition to the installation packages for Linux, windows, and OS X, there is also aTailor Code EditorOfChrome packaged app

Seven editors for web developers

Light Table

Light table was originally developed for lisp, but in the KickstarterAfter successful fund-raising, the goal has become a “new generation of interactive ide”, with native support for JavaScript, clojure and python. The main feature is to quickly display all kinds of information you need. For example, you can quickly view the code associated with it, and even feed back the running results.

Seven editors for web developers

It should be noted that both of them are still in the very early stage of development, so they are only recommended for toys. If these two models do not work after installation on the Ubuntu 64 bit system, please refer totheresolveprogramme

by markgloom via geekpark