Setup Factory 9 Simple Packaging


Because the project resources are too large to meet the requirement by using the VS self-contained packaging tool, Setup Factory 9 packages and generates multiple files. Here is how to use it:

1: Click here to download: download, extract code: tt7a

2. The registration code is needed after downloading and installing. The registration code has been put in the downloaded document. Just copy and paste it.


Third: After installation, we must pay attention to the downloaded “dotnet4” folder. We should put this folder in the root directory of the packaging tool. Otherwise, the packaging will be wrong because of the lack of dotNetFx40_Full_x86_x64. Attached is the figure below.


Fourth: Here’s the packing process. Say less nonsense and attach the drawings directly.

Step 1: Double-click the desktop packaging tool, it will pop up the prompt box, click OK directly.

Step 2: Fill in the basic information of the project

Step 3: Choose whether your program is 32-bit or 64-bit, and choose according to your needs

Step 4: Select the root directory of the project and click on the next step directly

Step 5: Go straight to the next step until the following interface appears and choose the style you like.

Step 6: Choose the language mode here as Chinese. If your other language abilities are strong, choose at will. NET 4 and click Next.

Step 7: Next step until the following figure appears, then click the arrow to show it. This is to filter the main components.

Step 8: Here you can add and delete program execution steps during installation

Step 9: Click the arrow to set the output location of the installation package, the program name and logo.

Step 10: Set up quick uninstall in Windows

Step 11: Double-click the EXE of the program. Figure 2 chooses the first one that can be installed next time to cover the previous version. Figure 3 checks to generate desktop shortcuts.

Last step: Click on the arrow and go on to the next step until the package is finished.

If you want to automatically delete the old version (i.e. program upgrade), the following methods are used:

1. Add the following statement to On Pre Install of Actions.

result = File.Run(SessionVar.Expand(“%AppFolder%\\uninstall.exe”), “/U:Uninstall/uninstall.xml”, SessionVar.Expand(“%AppFolder%”), SW_SHOWNORMAL, true);



The first sentence uses this statement to automatically uninstall the application itself.

Second sentence, wait one second so that the uninstall program can be completely uninstalled. It can be adjusted according to the actual situation, if it takes 5 seconds to uninstall, then Application. Sleep (5000);.


2. On the Settings tab of Uninstall, set silent uninstall.

Allow silent uninstall and Start in silent mode are checked in Options.



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