Setting tutorial to prevent malicious tampering with the home page of the browser on the computer


Cause analysis:

 Many software or plug-ins will maliciously tamper with the home page of the browser in the computer system after installation, and cannot be modified directly in the browser settings.

Setup tutorial:

1. Download 360 security guard or other anti-virus software;

Software name:
360 security guard latest version V13 0.2030 official free installation
Software size:
Update time:
2021-08-06Download now

2. Open 360 security guard and click computer cleaning;


3. Select unnecessary software in “cleaning software” and click “one click cleaning”;


4. Switch to “clean plug-ins”, select the plug-ins to be cleaned, and click “clean now”;


5. Return to the main interface and click “more” in the lower right corner;


6. In all tools, click “homepage protection”;


7. Set the browser home page and click lock, or set the default search and default browser;


8. After setting, click the switch to lock it.


The above is the introduction to the setting tutorial to prevent malicious tampering of the browser home page in the computer. If you also encounter the same problem, solve it according to the above methods.