Setting title bar and navigation bar of wechat applet tutorial series


How to set the title bar and navigation bar of wechat applet is as follows

Set title bar

Title bar window

stay app.json In the file, you can set the properties in the window object



Set navigation bar

Navigation bar tabbar

If our applet is a multi tab application (there is a tab bar at the bottom or top of the client window to switch pages), then we can specify the performance of the tab bar through the tabbar configuration item and the corresponding page to be displayed when the tab is switched.
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Tip: jump through the page( wx.navigateTo )Or page redirection( wx.redirectTo )The page reached, even if it is defined in the tabbar configuration, does not display the tab bar at the bottom.

Tabbar is an array. You can only configure at least 2 and up to 5 tabs. The tabs are sorted in the order of array.



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