Setting password complexity in Linux


Everyone knows thatLinuxThe default policy is very safe, but we still need to do some fine-tuning to make it more secure. Weak password has security risks, so please pay special attention. We need to change the complexity of the password to improve security

Setting password complexity in Linux

First, modify the / etc / PAM. D / system auth file

Setting password complexity in Linux

Find the password requisition PAM_ Replace this line with the following:

password requisite retry=5 difok=3 minlen=10 ucredit=-1 lcredit=-3 dcredit=-3 dictpath=/usr/share/cracklib/pw_dict

Setting password complexity in Linux
After repairing, save and exit, modify MZJ user password, try 000000 and find that it is not allowed. You can only set complex password according to the requirements.
Parameter meaning:
Number of attempts: 5
Minimum different characters: 3
Minimum password length: 10
Minimum capital letters: 1
Minimum lowercase letters: 3
Minimum number: 3
Password dictionary / usr / share / cracklib / PW_ dict

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