Setlang.exe – what process is setlang and what is its use


Process file: setlang or setlang.exe
Process name: Microsoft Office langauge configuration utility
Process category: process with security risk

English Description:
setlang.exe is a process belonging to the Microsoft Office family of products, and allows you to configure langauge and regional settings options for your documents. This program is non-essential process to the running of the system, but should not be t
Chinese reference:
Setlang.exe is a Microsoft office family related product program, which is used to configure the language and region of your documents.
Produced by: Microsoft
Of: Microsoft Office Suite
System process: no
Daemon: no
Network related: no
Common error: n / A
Memory usage: n / A
Safety level (0-5): 0
Spyware: no
Advertising software: no
Virus: no
Trojan horse: no

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